What states are closest to New Orleans, Louisiana?

mississippi. texas , al. ar,fl.
Miss, Texas, Florida, Arkansas
well you hold mississippi on one side and texas on the other side ,and then theres alambama,and florida is not to far.
The closest other state to New Orleans is Mississippi. The border with MS is single a few miles east of New Orleans. Alabama and Florida are also not far away (to the east and along I-10).

The states that border Louisiana are Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas.
Texas is 5 or 6 hours west. Mississippi is 20 or 25 minutes Northeast. Arkansas is 4 or 5 hours North. The state of unconciousness is but a meander away.
The closest state to New Orleans is Mississippi. Louisiana is also bordered by Texas and Arkansas.
Mississippi to the east, Texas to the west and Arkansas to the north
You can go to google - map and you enter your location and the destination and you compare
Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas.

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