Would it be better to move to Atlanta, Georgia or Orlando, Florida?

Would it be better to move to Atlanta, Georgia or Orlando, Florida?

Personally I think Atlanta. My use is the tourist traffic in Orlando would purely be nightmarish. Atlanta traffic is bad plenty, but life surrounded by the burbs is okay.

I've lived in Orlando for a few years, and I've lived surrounded by Atlanta the last 5 or so. The weather is slightly cooler, slightly smaller quantity humid and we do have the smog alert entry. Traffic is bad, and we're not in close proximity any real the deep beaches.

That said, this is the freakin' hub of the South. Outside of New York City, unless you've get a love for living in the mountains within a small town type of thing going on, Atlanta is the simply true place to reside.

I've lived in 38 states and hold on to finding myself back here far away from people because there's so much to do and we're in a nice location.

And as far as colloquial disasters go, we lone get a few tornados far north of the city and we're kinda fundamental an 'inactive' fault-line, but we're otherwise high and dry. Unlike Orlando and the rest of that little bit of dirt that's doomed to Hurricane traffic and sinking into the ocean sooner or later, we're situated on top of a mountain sitting high-ranking and dry.
Atlanta, Georgia. lots to do...
I need so more info to oblige you decide. what do you resembling to do? what do you do for a living? can u afford a nice place to live? do you want to raise a kinfolk? can you tolerate a lot or only just a few tourists? are you afraid of hurricanes?

score card:
-more things to do: Atlanta
-less humidity: Atlanta
-nice homes: tie
-more millionaires and home of big companies: Atlanta
-close to seaside: Orlando
-home to Disney World and famous Mouseketeers: Orlando
-in hurricane nouns: Orlando
-has occasional small tornado in spring: Atlanta
-close to mountains and lake: Atlanta
-guaranteed any size music act will carry out in town: Atlanta
-more trees and hill: Atlanta
-more national sports teams: Atlanta
-more traffic: Atlanta
-more crime: Atlanta
-more cultural events and interesting folks: Atlanta
Atlanta, no hurricanes! Not as humid.
LOL, I was wondering why adjectives the people that chose Orlando get all those thumb down votes afterwards, *slap forehead*, realized we're surrounded by the Atlanta section. a bit bias perhaps

anyway.. I live contained by Atlanta, people motto it's not that humid, it's very humid, my sister and mother who are sensitive to humidity own to constantly take allergy pills and such during the spring and summer. It's not that horrible, but it's still fairly high. and traffic IS a nightmare during rush hour. atlanta does enjoy some thriving business though, and is one of the most ethnically diverse cities. but it also has moderately the unhealthy polluted nouns in the metro nouns. it has it's pros and cons.

but really, you should ask this contained by a neutral answers branch, because you're just going to capture people here who are biased towards Atlanta. and when you do, describe your situation and preferences, it's approaching someone asking what kind of dog food they should find for their dog and not saying the type of dog.
If you similar to third world countries then Atlanta is the city for you. I be only robbed 6 times when I lived here. You will live in traffic and the city is run by greedy idiots so here are water major and gas leaks frequently. Most restaurants own illegals working there so TB is rampant. I haven't be to Orlando in years but it used to be nice.
I would choose Atlanta, but I intuitively feel at hand are better places to live than either Atlanta or Orlando. Just my belief, though... good luck next to wherever you wish to move!
I lived in atlanta for 10 years and I completely loved it I wish I could move rear legs :( but definately atlanta six flags, coke factory and hills where on earth I live it's flat and boring plus no snow but I do have the shore! I didn't really like orlando it be to touristy (if that's a word lol)
I have to agree near the first reply, I have friends within both Orlando and Atlanta and my vote would go to Orlando any time. It's a far more interesting place than Atlanta, the traffic is a lot lighter and the climate apart from Hurricanes is far better and while Florida get the occassional hurricane, Atlanta can get the occassional twister.

This supervision is made by someone who has no bias as I in fact live in Brisbane, Australia.
im from around atlanta and currently living in the heart of orlando. most of these answerers hold summed up why you wouldnt want to live in any place. for me, its the lack of english thats spoken surrounded by orlando. - that bothers me the most. the traffic is about alike to be honest, worse in respectively place at seperate times.
it really comes down to what YOU want in a place to live.
but for me, atlanta, no question asked.
I grew up essential Orlando, and now live within NW Fla about in the middle between the two cities. I would definitely vote for Orlando for the following reason: (1.) The traffic in Atlanta is atrocious. During rush hour (twice a day) you literally pinch your life within your hands trying to navigate the roads. Orlando is very soon pretty big, but it is still easy to navigate. Well planned roads, and trouble-free going people. (2.) Pollution! Atlanta is filthy, next to lots of industry, causing smog, and frequent vigour alerts telling elderly or not a hundred percent people not to endeavour outside. Along the Florida coast, there is ZERO pollution contained by the air. Orlando is single 50 miles inland, and has more tourist industry than commerce. It's CLEAN, with exquisite scenery, and immediate beaches. Just a much more laid posterior city! Good luck, whichever you choose

Being fair, in that is a lot to do within both places...but Orlando has my vote hand down!

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