Quickest route from Killeen, TX to San Antonio (driving)?

I have driven back taking 190-east to I-35 S, but I always give the impression of being to get stuck within a time warp; it takes me at smallest 3 hrs. Also, I-35 seems to own it in for me. Can anyone who is adapted with the drive submit an alternative route that might be quicker?

Traditionally the fastest route has other been 190 to I-35 though various drove down through Florence on 195 and meet I-35 in that. Construction and traffic seems to cause that route congested and slow unless you drive at 3 am both ways.

The Madfis gave you one suggestion which may work for some of the construction around Austin, but would still attain you into the Georgetown/Round Rock traffic. And it involves tolls, and I have an aversion to paying for roads contained by the US, when we already pay for them within tax and license fees.

The 190/ I-35 route is 156 miles and takes 2 h 35 min surrounded by optimal conditions.

If you go west on 190 and south on 281 not merely is the drive nicer due to the better scenery, the traffic is usually better and you will find some great places to see contained by Texas. You will pass the Hill Country wineries, Inks Lake, Canyon Lake, and abundant more wonderful Hill country venues.

190/281 route is 146 miles and will run 2 h 44 minutes optimally.

I was stationed at Fort Hood for 5 years and have family surrounded by San Antonio, and then transferred to Fort Sam but still visit friends in Killeen so I own made this trip several times and I always prefer the 281 route.

I also use 281 to progress to Fort Worth instead of fighting my route through Austin to go up I-35 it save time and a lot of stiffness due to traffic.

Safe driving!
The Texas 130 tollway is now begin from I-35 north of Georgetown all the process down to East 71 (just east of the Austin airport), if you are looking to bypass i-35 through Austin. Then you would have to director west on 71 back to I-35 and afterwards head south from in attendance.
Alternately, you could take 190 west to 281, and pocket 281 all the process south into SA. It would probably be a good route if they are still doing construction on I-35 between Austin and San Antonio, but if they're not, it would probably be the slower (although more scenic) route.

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