I don't know how to swim. Can I snorkel?

Me and my husband are planning a trip to Hawaii and I want to experience snorkeling there. I cannot swim but delight in being within water. Can I snorkel and will it be undamaging to do do in hawaii. I am not sure how weighty the snorkeling waters are.

lately wear a life-jacket
You need to know how to swim if you want to walk snorkeling. The deeper the water, the better because you can see adjectives kinds of well-groomed looking fishes. Snorkeling in knees deep dampen is nothing & nought to see but rocks. Does your husband know how to swim? if so, then you can travel with him, hold his paw while you float. You can hold on to him while your snorkeling. If he can swim, then he can release you in overnight case you drown. Snorkel in a nouns where nearby are lifeguards.
Yes you can snorkel without person able to swim. I enjoy snorkeled tons of times and I can barely swim. The fins and floatation device will hold on to you floating with no problem at adjectives. The salt wet helps you stay bouyant. I enjoy actually gone snorkeling surrounded by very weighty water minus any a life vest and it be a very glib.

Your best bet would be to take a snorkeling excursion where on earth the tour company will provide the equipment and instruct you on how to use it. They will tell you what not to do and what to do. They will also be keeping examine over the snorkelers.

If you are going to try to stand in shallow-ish wet and to snorkel, you need to own reef shoes on. I've actually found this thoughtful of hard to do because the flow of the sea keeps pushing me around and getting me past its sell-by date balance.

Something else that you might consider is snuba which is a cross between scuba diving and snorkeling. You do not own to know how to swim to enjoy it. Here is an article in the region of snuba in Hawaii. http://www.govisithawaii.com/2007/06/19/...

I hope you will try snorkeling or snuba...it will widen your eyes to a whole unusual underwater world.
Not really--I'd have to know exactly why you can't swim to answer exactly, but I don't dream up you'd be able to snorkel. Snorkeling is vitally swimming, except that you don't have to distract yourself beside turning your head to breathe so you can maintain looking at the water.

In lay down to snorkel, you need to know how to float on your stomach, keep your obverse in the hose down, and move around. If moving around is the only quantity that seems difficult, you could try it and would probably pick it up very well enough to savour yourself. But if you aren't comfortable floating, you should learn to do that past your trip, not during the limited time you'd own in Hawaii.
progress onto hawaiis visitors site they may be capable of help you if you resembling the water and dolphines you can put on a vest and travel to sea time park 808-259-7933 or 18OO-417-4736 we just go there and have fun but did not swim with them i need i had perfect luck
Wear a life vest. if you dont you call for to at least know how to float.
of late came backbone from there.. get married. Hanauma Bay is the best place in the world to snorkel only just wear a life vest and u will be fine. when snorkeling its not to gaping 2 to 8 ft water is totally clear. www.hawaiiactivities.com
I'm sure you can snorkel. No matter what. Especially if you are going to Haunama Bay. One of the top snorkeling place within Hawai'i. You can walk out to the reef and lately put the snorkel on your head and look into it minus having to swim. But if you hold to you can always attain yourself a floating device and use that to help you snorkel. Good Luck and Enjoy your trip to Hawai'i. Be risk-free.
If you cannot swim, I wouldn't suggest that you snorkel as you'll enjoy to be in waters pretty open in proclaim to see a decent amount of fish.

I would suggest you swot how to swim before your trip to Hawaii (or at most minuscule feel comfortable within water where on earth you cannot touch bottom).

Good luck..and happy travels!
Yes. Put on a life vest, no problem. We go on a snorkel trip where they have floats with plastic opening like a attitude finder so that you did not even have to put your boss in the dampen if you didn't want to. If you are not afraid of the water, you will not hold a problem. It really doesn't matter how insightful the water is, you solely have partially of your head beneath the water.
you can stay close to the shore so it won't be so deep. you will hold a flotation device on but i don't recommend you snorkel if you can't swim - you can get contained by some deep hose down.

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