How far is west hollywood from dowtown los angeles?

Approximately 13 to 15 miles by coup¨¦..
It's about 25 to 30 minutes depending on traffic. You help yourself to the 110 N to the 101N and probably exit Santa Monica Blvd and go West.
oh i'd say bout 22 are you buddy?
if you are driving and taking Sunset it will be about 20 minutes
or you could cart transit which would take just about 45 minutes
(if you are on Sunset (more during rush hours
or if you are on Santa Monica blvd a rapid column line
file 704 would take something like 1/2 hour from downtown LA
driving about 25-30 minutes
please register there is no freeway that go close to West Hollywood (the closet is the Santa Monica (I-10) which
is quite a distance from West Hollywood)
Less than 30 min driving on the streets. Freeway in need traffic about 15 min or smaller number.
It's merely a few miles. Just follow the smell of vaseline.
Less than ten miles or one hour during rush hour.
Not far at adjectives, if traffic conditions are optimal, you could make the trip within 20 minutes.

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