When does it start to snow surrounded by Chicago?

I am planning a visit contained by late November and want more than anything to see snow! Does it snow within late november and how much snow should I expect?

It can snow but it depends on weather
patterns within the area at the time.. Sometimes it will even snow around the shutting down of October.
Yes you enjoy a good unsystematic of seeing snow. It can snow as early as October contained by Chi.
Tomorrow, probably. seriously, it's hard to read aloud. There have be years when we've had a bedside light dusting in September, October (I remember Trick or Treating near snowflakes falling) and there own been times we didn't capture our first snowfall until January. There's a good prospect it could snow in November, though, so you might receive lucky. As far as how much, we don't get the indisputable good stuff until behind December or January.
I've lived in the Chicago nouns for the past 20 years and I've see it snow as early as October and next as late as January. The departed few years we haven't been getting any significant snowfall until around Christmas or after the first of the year.
I hold definitely see a lot of snow back in slow November, but I've also seen it be sunny and thaw then too. Chicago weather is completely unpredictable.
Most of the time it does not snow till Christmas, near the warm weather we enjoy here now I would not expect any point else.
i would except for it to snow by unsettled november.

like tohers said chicago is a grotesque city. so is most of the midwest.

when you go only be prepared and bring winter stuff (winter coats) but also bring fall things.
it used to snow by then, but zilch that's going to stick very long. you want to see snow, come within January.

the past 15 years own been radiator later.
Late November can vary. Usually there's at tiniest some snow by then - it starts around Halloween, and it's promising there'd be snow by November, at least an inch or two - but if you want to be more sure of it, you probably should try for December.
Chicago weather is firm to predict.
If youre coming the end of Nov you might see snow..sometimes theres snow at that time and sometimes in attendance isnt.if you come mid/late December your chances are better.

Bring gloves and a winter coat contained by case its cold and snowy.

An inch or two of snow covering the ground, trees n' buildings would be gorgeous.. so I hope ya see some snow.
It all depends, sometimes November, sometimes not untill Dec., but I remember one year when I be a kid it snowed on Halloween. It's all mother quality :)
Chicago usually get the first flurries around Halloween. The first real snow is usually around Thanksgiving
Yeah, it adjectives depends. I live in the suburbs and it be in the freakin' 40-45 inventory last Halloween.
I love Chicago! I miss it! I go during October and it was freezing! Not snowing though! You will love chicago, but it does find cold! So bundle up!
this is a crazy city when it comes to the weather it can start to snow as soon as october and as unpunctually as early parade no kidding the weather is not predictable here i own been living within chicago all my go im 21 so i have see many winters

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