How can you commute from los angeles to disneyland?

I want to know the fastest way to commute here, without a coup¨¦ obviously. I individual found one way beside the metro taking 3 buses and taking 2-3 hours to get within :( I want to know if there is any faster bearing to get in that.

Where in LA are you? If you are close to an airport, check out Super Shuttle or Primetime Shuttle. Most nice hotels can also provide that service. Also from LAX surrounded by addition to the shuttle within is a big bus that run every half hour. Disneyland Express. You can find number on the Internet by putting the name on the seach line.
are you commuting, as is trying live in la and work surrounded by oc?

and you can't drive a car?

if so, you are nuts.
Check beside the MTA and find out where you can capture the bus which goes directly to the Disneyland Hotel. From in that you just ride the monorail surrounded by to the park. If you are driving, just pocket Interstate 5 south until you get to Harbor Blvd and follow the signs from at hand. Either way, it should be justly easy.
from downtown Los Angeles (like utter Flower and 7th)
you can take 1 direct bus (Line 460) it provides direct service to
Disneyland for more or less $2.75
another option would be to run Metrolink from Union station
to Fullerton Metrolink/Amtrak staion then lug OCTA 43 to
Mickeys house (AKA Disneyland ) and your metrolink ticket would be valid as a transfer on the OCTA bus
(this route might be somewhat faster then the direct bus route)
mommy of 2:

To travel from Downey to Disneyland using public transportation is very unproblematic. You would board either the east bound Metro #111 bus which travels across Florence Avenue or Metro bus #115 which travels across Firestone Blvd. to the shutting of the line at the Norwalk Metro Green Line station. There verbs to Metro bus #460 which will take you to Disneyland. When you board the #111 or # 115 ask for a verbs to use on the #460. The fare should be $1.25 each route. Have fun at Disneyland.
I would use public figure Tours and Charters if I were you.
You can look them up on the trellis.
This is an interesting cross-question to me since I don't do Disney, but I know it is like the hugest attraction to relatives traveling to L.A.--Does Disney have a shuttle system from closely of other places besides Anaheim station ? Like LAX, or the Valley or Downtown L.A. or are you just vanished to your own devices ?
How far is Anaheim station from Disney ?How long is the shuttle ride ?? Do you need entry tickets to get on it ?
Are in that transportation discounts ? I will assume from your guys comments previously that no MTA, metro link or Amtrak train really go within walking distance of Disney...Correct ? Where is Mark anyway, he should be here.LOL
Mobile Mark usually handle this one, but the answer is pretty easy.

You don't mention where on earth you are coming from (LA is the largest city area-wise in the US, silly!), but if you can find to any rail row, you can just bring the MetroLink or Amtrak to the Anaheim station, then the Disney shuttle over to the park.

Didn't your mama communicate you that you need a saloon in SoCal? Sheesh!

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