Which city is better? Atlanta or Los Angeles?

well, you couldn't hold picked two more different cities!! Los Angeles is just So so big. I individually don't like it in attendance much. I'm originally from SF, lived in Las Vegas and travelled to LA occasionally. Of course, I hold relatives who love it there and hold lived their whole lives within. Now I live near Nashville, TN so am to a certain extent close to Atlanta. I like Atlanta- it's a big city, but not too big, have tons of things to do, it's a beautiful nouns, the weather isn't bad (except a tad humid within the summer). I would tell you to pick Nashville- it's better than ALL of them! I've be here for 6 1/2 years and LOVE it!
atl-cause i live there
administer me the southeast anyday.but from the looks of things, both are turning into little mexico...
Atlanta. The cost of living is cheaper, the smog isn't as fruitless (but probably close to LA's), the traffic is slightly better (again it is ranked #2, LA is rank #1 for worst traffic congestion). I think the general public in Atlanta are probably for a moment less superficial than the ones contained by LA. I moved here from New England and I think I'd fairly live in Atlanta versus LA.
The only legitimate comparisons between the two cities are urban sprawl with alot of traffic, within which LA has much more of both. I've lived within Atlanta, but have solitary visited LA a few times, so I can just give a superficial rationalization of the lifestyle there.

Atlanta- forested next to a four season climate and normally plentiful rainfall, low cost of living, an monstrous hub airport with convenient flight distances to other cities, argueably the R&B-Rap music wealth of the world; ATL is a very up and coming city near classy, modern new developments within hip areas such as Midtown and Buckhead. Residential developments range from glorious rise condos to quaint cozy neighborhoods to massive subdvisions. Rent usually starts at $750 for a1 bedroom apt contained by a nice complex; you can find a 3br 2ba house new construction starting surrounded by the 170k's. Many people nearby are laid back and confident to befriend.

LA- beaches, mountains, consistently sunny mild weather year around, Hollywood, Orange County, Disneyland, Malibu; undisputedly the motion picture and music record industry capital of the world. Infamously elevated cost of living and from first hand experience... OMG the traffic!

This may be TMI (too much info), your cross-question is very tenuous.

LA is in like class as a New York, San Francisco or Chicago; in which they are so new as to be incomparable to anyplace else.

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