What is the least possible expensive neighborhood contained by Miami in close proximity FIU?

I'm planning to move from Dorchester (Boston), MA to Miami to go to FIU for grad institution. What is the best (least expensive) area to look for apartments that won't be too much of a commute? Also, do relatives use the public transportation? I have friends within miami who ive asked and the only answer i seem to be to get is "it's not similar to it is up north" can someone elaborate? why?

The bus system is almost exclusively used by population who can't afford cars.

People who can afford cars very on the odd occasion use public transportation here. I've heard that up north everyone uses public transportation when it seem more convenient.

Also, the area around FIU is pretty cheap because it's far away from most of the best stuff contained by miami. In my humble opinion. I <3 the sand, the grove, the gables and the bay. FIU is in the order of 40 minutes away from all of that surrounded by a car. God know how long it takes by bus.
All the residential areas in a mile radius or so will be relatively low cost & relatively safe. Probably the lowest cost nouns is Sweetwater, just to the north of the campus. It is 99.9% Spanish speaking & it will sustain if you speak that language -- contained by fact it may be rugged to find a rental without knowing Spanish. Everything else around the campus is "only" 90% Spanish. The dorms are really the best bet if you can win in. You CAN use public transport. I believe student pass are half price. Go to:
I say-so stick to the campus dorms, they will be much cheaper. Unless you are looking into geting a roomate. Stick to the Doral and westchester areas.
they are good neighborhoods.

Miami public transportation sucks. The bus system is not at adjectives reliable. Yes it will get you to point a to b but not other on time.
Sweetwater is probably the lowest cost nouns near campus (assuming you are going to the 8th street location) but it is nought like Boston...remarkably congested, predominantly hispanic, a bit scrungy. Westchester is reasonably close, you may know how to find an apt in a private home at hand that is not too costly (figure more or less $600/month for a studio/efficiency) Public transportation stinks here compared to Boston or NY.buses are notoriously behind, and the transit doesn't go any where on earth near FIU. Many race do use the bus system, but you need to allow yourself plenty of time freshly in bag the driver is having a doomed to failure hair afternoon.

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