What are Ohio's strip club rules?

I was only just wondering if anyone knows the current rules at strip clubs surrounded by Ohio. My boyfriend went to one the other hours of darkness and got a private knees dance and I am alittle worried give or take a few what exactly went on.

he can "touch" the girls and they'll sit on his lap if he buys an expensive drink. However, no indecency is permitted surrounded by a strip club.
Even my guy friends who drop way too much money at strip clubs don't find anything more than blue balls at strip clubs. Not to voice it isn't a bit sketchy, but he didn't hook up with her, don't verbs ;-)
Yes, unanimously speaking.

However, the stripper (obviously morally devoid to begin with) could be a harlot, or a prostitute.

LOL (a) "No Indecency" (see below)
generaly speaking he has to be clothed and he cant touch
she grinds him
I'm not sure if they ever passed that horrible no touching rule, they have people around at events signing a petition, to catch that rule removed.

The rules, were to get it less contact, so I wouldn't verbs and if they did, it wouldn't be anything different than any other time he or any guy has be to a strip club.

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