Which nation own apartments contained by Yonkers,NY?

which company,persons or organisation owns lots of rental aprtments surrounded by Yonkers,NY where i can rent a 2room apartment for me to live individually within?Can i just cause a request i want an aprtment on fon and really get one put within place for me?What type of apartment is really suitable for a student(one person to live in)?What is the full procedure to slip away tru b4 getting the apartment to live in(What type of various documentation would u haver to follow?)

You should try going through a realtor who can find you the right place and supply you the proper steps in renting the apartment.

Ardor NY: http://ardorny.com/

CS Realty: http://www.csrealty.com/propertiesforren...

Make sur eto poke about for Yonkers and Tuckahoe. Tuckahoe is a section of Yonkers.
Aside from going to a realtor, you can also force out through the Journal-News (the newspaper within Westchester County) for apartments in Yonkers (link below)

With the cooperation below you can search what you want by rent, rooms, nouns, etc. In your case as a student (one character only) you can get away near a studio apartment. Some places may want references (to which your college can administer you one) along with a payment deposit (which is usually one months rent in accessory to the first month rent)

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