Ethnically Mixed Areas within Atlanta, GA?

I'm a 23 year old, Black womanly, and I'm interested in a nice place to stay contained by the Atlanta-metro area, preferably the suburbs. I'm seeking a community specifically rich in culture and that features a diverse set of family, yet I've read previous answers on here stating ATL have areas that are "mostly white, mostly black, etc." I grew up in Columbia, Maryland, a "Planned Community" from the Civil Rights Movement. It's base on harmonious living no business what your background is. Therefore, I don't want to live within an area that's considered "segregated". I graduate from college and live in Florida, but I dislike the racist and backwards attitudes that many Floridians enjoy here (not in in recent times one particular race), and I'm set to leave.

What are some of the nicer places to live where on earth ethnicities/cultures don't seriously clash (if there are any)? Are in attendance any places that offer much to do even if you don't have a feeling like driving into Atlanta? Anywhere I should stay away from?

Anywhere in town. Why would you want to move here and live on the outskirts of what Atlanta is adjectives about?

Inman Park, Midtown - Downtown - Virginia Highlands - adjectives around the city center you'll find mixed living with relations who don't judge. Atlanta is specified for it's diverse population - gay, straight, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian - you name it, it's here and it's livin' considerable.

You're young - don't EVEN look to the suburbs or exburbs - that's a coffin staple for night life span. Be where you can put your foot to the market and move about out with your neighbors! 23 years antediluvian - Suwanee? nooooooooo! You may as well move to Alaska!
Look for a city north of Atlanta. Just about any of them are devout for the type of aread that your seeking.
I live in Suwanee and it prob. is the most diverse play, great community near a wide diversity
gwinnett county is home to one of the largest hispanic communities contained by the nation, like diversity? drive down buford highway.

duluth (also within gwinnett) has a large concentration of asians--drive down pleasant hill--go to super h mart!

seriously, if you want a great deal of diversity live contained by norcross or more importantly intown.

but remember, the south IS the south. in the city of atlanta you wont see anything southern. further out you will be reminded periodically you are surrounded by the south.

***********welcome to atlanta**********
contained by Atl you need to be more comfortable next to your ROAD RAGE more than your neighbors. Trust me! Traffic is horrible! Especially in the nicer neighborhoods.

Now to answer your question about Atl's culture diversity:

-Buckhead, Dunwoody, Vinings, Virginia Highlands, Atlantic Station, and Midtown are the nicer areas beside diverse people and RICHER population. those neighborhoods are all surrounded by Atlanta (Fulton county) and they tend to be more educated, affluent, and accepting of all relations.

Remember Atlanta is the home of Martin Luther King and the MLK Center near downtown is a trunk tourist attraction. The metro area is 70% black so you won't be aware of any racial stiffness from the city folks.

-There are some segregated communities near 95% black folks (Dekalb, Clayton, Fayette, and southern part of Fulton County) but near are some very well-to-do black communities in those counties beside celebrities and entreprenuers. Don't regard as being the all-black hoods.

-Gwinnett county is a large concentration of Hispanics and Asians.

-Cobb, Cherokee, & Douglas counties hold whites and black mixed.

-There are a couple racist counties far north of the city, Forsyth and Hall counties.
North of Atlanta is more of the rich side. The west and east side is a good mix next to redneck (Douglas, Carroll, Henry) the south side is more urban (Clayton) and the very incredibly south (Jackson, newnan) is redneck. Peachtree City is a's south of Atlanta but isn't as rich as Buckhead(northside)
Suwanee Georgia is the place for you! It is a lovely, mixed community and there are masses lovely places to live. Check it out.

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