(Las Vegas) Luxor, Mandalay fjord, Paris, which hotel would you stay contained by and why?

Paris; center strip; stunning; the best food in town
Mandalay inlet is also very nice but it is a short time ago too big
Luxor would be fine but with the other 2 to choose from it ends up to be the misshapen stepsister
its a newer hotel and the best location right in the middle of everything
i'll pick Paris, do it's right in the middle of Vegas...if you achieve a room facing the strip...you can see the water shows from Bellagio..remember to ask for their buffet too.best surrounded by town ...
I've stayed at the Luxor and at Mandalay Bay and if the rates be the same, I'd choose Mandalay Bay every time. Mandalay Bay's rooms are really luxurious and comfortable, the staff is nice, the casino is charming and they have some phenomenal restaurants. The Luxor is fun and you really get hold of to experience something truly different when you stay in one of the pyramid rooms. I haven't stayed at Paris because I've never gotten other there and I don't approaching the casino itself but I do understand that the rooms are nice. If you can find it for the same price as Mandalay Bay or Paris, I importantly recommend the Venetian - it is, in my judgment, one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in.
I love Paris http://www.lasvegas-how-to.com/paris.htm...
but consequently how much time does one really spend in a hotel room while within Vegas. There are tons to do and see
I can sleep in my coup¨¦ and still have a great time contained by Las Vegas.
I have stayed at abundant of the larger hotels and the only one that have a calm have a feeling to it is the MGM. All the other ones are insanely noise and crowded..If you are looking for more peace jump to MGM and they have the best buffet as okay and smoke free casion's.
I other stay at the Mandaly Bay. I love being at the back of the strip out of the crowds, yet contained by walking distance to New York, MGM, Monte Carlo, etc. They also have awesome concerts at Mandalay and a fantasic developed themed pool. Mandalay is connected via tram to the Luxor and the Excalibur. Nice!
The Luxor has the best room rates and it is a 4 star hotel. You can stay contained by either the tower or the pyramid, unbelievably cool. It has an excellent buffet and a gorgeous pool. It's located at the extension of the strip, but the monorail will take you anywhere you stipulation to go!
the staff be very rude at mandalay inlet ... it's also out of the way.

any other hotel will be great . most hotel rooms are just about the same .. and most populace in vegas sleep for the minimum amount they inevitability to and are out enjoying the town the rest of time.
Mandalay Bay was dazzling! Even their regular rooms were so luxurious! I couldn't get hold of over how comfortable the bed was and how stunning the bathroom was! We have our choice to upgrade to a suite, but I figured...it's Vegas, babe-in-arms! How much time do you spend in your room? Even though we didn't step with the suite, it be soooo nice. Plus we had such a cool vista of the whole Strip from our room.
I would stay at the Luxor because it's cheaper and it's different from staying at the traditionally shaped hotel rooms.
Mandalay Bay cuz it always smells approaching coconuts and it's a nice hotel. Luxor is too touristy. Paris is supposed to be all hoity toity but isn't (except for the restaurants). Paris is the most centralized, though. Still, I'm partial to Mandalay Bay.
I wouldn't stay in any of them. To expensive, to crowded, and overrated. I stay at Sunset Station, Boulder Station, or Downtown at the Four Queens or Union Plaza. Getting around on the strip is almost impossible at the present time. I live an hour and a half away so I am at hand frequently.
Paris is the most crucial on the strip so I would chose it for that reason.
Stay (a) Paris! Your foot will thank you later!!

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