What is the flower scent of Hawaii?

Hopefully someone knows what I'm trying to ask... I go to Hawaii and sometimes I could smell this fragrant FLOWER scent in the upper air and it's the only place that have it. No kidding. Does anyone know what it is call? It's definitely not jasmine or plumeria or magnolia but along those lines. tnx!

it may be ginger. if you were on the big island specifically probably ginger but i have never smelled it on any of the other islands
Maybe it be just the verbs air... (:
I'm going to embezzle a wild stab and say-so Puakenikeni. It's a small flower that looks very much close to stephanotis (sp?), but turns yellow-ish a few hours after being picked, and have a very BIG smell. Chances are you get it on a lei, but even if you didn't the smell is very popular among the islands. The smell is sweet, but not sickly, gaping and thick, but not suffocating, and it linger in the heavens. Unfortunately, there isn't a bearing I can show you to see if it's the right answer, but hopefully the name of the flower or the description rings a bell. I've included below a picture of a stephanotis to contribute you a better idea of what the puakenikeni (pronounced poo-ah-ke-knee-ke-knee) looks approaching.


EDIT: Nevermind! I found a few pics of the puakenikeni:


As a side note, puakenikeni is widely particular in the islands for it's scent.
Puakenikeni ~ http://www.alohafriendsphotos.com/flower...

Tuberose ~ http://www.volcanogallery.com/flowers/fl...
it may own been puakinikini but it could be a mix of adjectives the flowers. if you're looking for a lotion that smells like it, move about to bath and body works (if you're on the mainland) and smell the velvet tuberose lotion/soap stuff. that's what i use when i'm homesick.
Maybe pikake? No, explicitly a form of jasmine, I'm pretty sure. Plumeria is what first came to my mind, as in that are so many plumeria trees around. Those two plus ginger are the most adjectives fragrent flowers. Gardenias too, but they are not unique to Hawaii. Bourganvillea are adjectives over the place, but they don't have a fragrence. There are other fragrent flowers approaching mock orange & puakenikeni, but they aren't so adjectives.
Plumeria I would say, it is amazingly easy to pick out that smell

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