Scientifically, why is Seattle so rainy/cloudy adjectives the time?

Why is Seattle rainy/cloudy all the time? Can anyone dispense a scientific explanation for this?

The shot stream crosses the coast at about the latitude of Seattle, steering frequent weather systems this process. The climate is similar to Ireland--- on the east side of oceans in the humid zone, since prevailing wind is from the west, you return with a marine climate- cool, cloudy, etc.
Not all the time. They hold dry periods..summers.

It's a combination on seasonal spray flows, ocean temps, topography (mountains behind), etc. Just mortal next to the the deep..or at least close...doesn't cut it, if not Patagonia in South America wouldn't be a desert.
Everyone listens to grunge which make the atmosphere dirty. This dirt causes the heavens to weigh more and it sinks to the ground. This heavy nouns mass collides with the lighter nouns that is pushed up and the collision cause lightning and precipitation, which just make people more depressed and they cry which raise the water levelseven more cause flooding and loss and they write more sad, troubled songs and they cry and the water smooth rises even more. It evaporates and rises then and consequently comes down as rain.

it is a discontented, sad cycle that will never failure.
its been proven Chicago is the wetest place
This have to do with Their close proximity
to the Cascade Mountains.
I know it have something to do with the weather/wind pattern & all the mountains!
It really isn't rainy and cloudy here adjectives of the time. People just tend to reason that it is.In fact it is somewhat sunny right immediately. As for our strange weather...there really isn't a medical reason for it. However, If you want to look at it somewhat scientifically, It rain here more frequently due to the fact that we are nestle in between mountains and the puget nouns which is part of the the deep. The other reason would be the reality that the jet stream flows over Washington state throughout the winter unanimously bringing us some crazy weather this time of the year. Once we hit the summer though we are generally contained by the upper seventies to low eighties.
Scientific, no, but Seattle have always be rainy due to the Pacific Ocean bringing surrounded by clouds and then near is a Rain Forest only around 100 miles away.
Because the clouds come within from the ocean but are trapped by the Cascade mountains, so they hover over the coast of Washington instead of going into intermediate or eastern Washington, which is why these areas of the state are also much dryer, like contained by Ellensburg, Spokane, and Kennewick.
It has to do next to it's climate.
There are two reason. The ocean systems blow inland beside little to stop them over the Sound. These systems, having be sitting over an ocean capture tons of evaporated water and next bring it inland.

These systems hit the Washington cascades and rise. When they rise the clouds cool and condense cause them to rain. Unlike places approaching SF and LA, the weather isn't hot enough here to burn bad the cloud cover before it drops its moisture.

On top of that, the great ampunts of forest land create a noticable amount of transpiration. Transpiration is where on earth the clouds form from water evaporating out of the trees, as challenging the ocean.

It is severely similar to any other temperate costal nouns, except we have the mountains that hang on to the rain within.
near the the deep and it sucks

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