Where are the prostitutes and hookers within Chicago?

Looking to make a documentary surrounded by correlation to Brent Owens in New Jersey. I am aware of few corners, but I am sure within are many more. Even if it is one or two women make no difference. Footage can be beneficial. Preferably locations near the south side of Chicago. Thank you.

note* Posting this will pile up critiques and accusations. I twig that some individuals misinterpret and become judgmental. I am just an inspiring picture maker. Say what you may.

Try North Ave. , west before you bring back to the river. Or far north on Lincoln Ave. Or the west side on Madison street. Or the motel row on Stony Island.

But be careful. Not sure how you plan to approach them on the street, but profusely of women may not take too benevolently to some guy coming up and just assuming they're a hooker because they're walking down the street. You're best bet to yak with hookers, current and/or former would be to contact one of the service agencies that try to aid them. There is a organization call Beyondmedia.org that has produced documentaries, etc. on women who enjoy been incarcerated for miscellaneous reason, including prostitution. You might try to look them up. But walking up to some woman on the street and asking "Are you a hooker?" could earn you a smack on the come first... or worse. Not every woman these days next to a short skirt or really tight jeans or frosted hair and superlong eyelashes is a hooker.
East on 79th Street around State.
I used to work effective North/Elston. I used to see them all the time and relations used to think I be one just because I am feminine. It was annoying because I other wore work clothes- who hooks in jeans and a vest?
Try Englewood.
Go to the Chicago Police homepage. On their IClear page you can look up prostitution patrons, and where on earth they were arrestted. Where theres johns theres ho's. Or you can dance anywhere on 47th from ashland to california.
Go to Roosevelt Ave in the surrounding of Cicero Ave - 58th Ave.

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