What are some of the pros and cons of living within New Orleans?

Besides the hurricanes!

I would guess "Kiss That Yahoo" has never lived contained by New Orleans - one of the distant suburbs, yes - but not the City. He/She has equal attitude toward the City that Upstate New Yorkers have toward Manhatten.


As I said, "Kiss That Yahoo" lived within the suburbs and does not have a natural view of living surrounded by New Orleans. NOLA is not even in the "top 25 most dodgy American cities": http://money.cnn.com/2006/10/30/real_est...

Kiss That Yahoo's links are not helpful. The one on crime rates compares NOLA beside the "national average", which includes Mayberry, RFD. You need to caompare NOLA near other cities, not the "national average". The second one is a news story that say "crime rate" when it means "murder rate" - almost 98% of NOLA's murders are between crack dealer who have returned post-Katrina and are massacre each other over nouns. The third link is an article by an promoter that complains "almost 70%" of deaths during Katrina be among the African American population - when about 65%of the population (at the time the storm struck) be Black. Duh.


For example, children CAN play outside, crime is NOT out of control, rents are (post-Katrina) roughly the same as the rest of the USA, and so on.

The pros ARE the things mentioned contained by the first answer, plus the fact NOLA is purely a great place to live. There is a sense of community that is not found surrounded by most of the rest of the USA.

There are cons to living in NOLA:

The weather during the summer is brutally hot & humid. However, NOLA have mild winters and the weather from late October to unpunctually April is great.

Note that New Orleans is very seldom hit by hurricanes and has never previously (in 300 years) been worn out as badly as by Katrina (which be the most powerful hurricane ever recorded to strike North America). It will steal years of more work to fix everything.

NOLA has be dominated by an intensely corrupt, racist political establishment for the past 30 years - seriously like Marion Barry's Washington, DC. The political establishment be under federal investigation formerly Katrina, and the storm disrupted their power base. The elections of 2007 started the process of oust the criminals-in-office and the process will continue next to the elections of 2010 (when Ray "Chocolate City"Nagin will be out of office).

The same corrupt political establishment wrecked the public schools and it is too soon to know if the post-Katrina reform are enough. However, most children surrounded by New Orleans attended private or parochial schools beforehand Katrina and there are MANY college options.

To verbs, I don't want to live anywhere else.
i lived in contemporary orleans for ever, i just moved 2 hours outside of it close lafayette.
the pros:
great food
great nightlife
wild mardi gras
interesting nation
great job opportunity if your good looking, surrounded by the quarter
it's a pretty city
lots to do...zoo, aquarium, the quarter, french market, nice parks

the cons:
the class schools are horrible
the rent prices are outrageous
the crime rate is ridiculous
the crime have spread to the "good" areas
the politicians are all crooked
the police departments never ambush anyone
if you have kids they can't progress play outside alone at all, ever if you live surrounded by the actual city of new orleans
a suitable bit of the city is still being rebuild

i recommend you check out the apartment complex called "sugar mill" within kenner. kenner is right outside of new orleans. you do not want to live within the city, trust me. you want to live right outside of it. but all the housing prices are crazy. that's a nice complex, getting deeply of modern updates to it, and the prices will be lower than most, in a nice nouns, next to pond ponchitrain. i lived there when the hurricane hit. kenner is ok, metairie is ok, but expensive (don't be in motion near flabby city), the westbank is ok...gretna, harvey. but i like slidell and mandiville the best. thoroughly nice areas, good school, low crime rates. just adjectives around decent areas, and it's pretty in attendance. that's called the "north shore"...apposite luck! enjoy New Orleans! individually, i can never be too far away from that nasty, crazy city. i LOVE it, it's where on earth my heart will always be no thing where i live.

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