Commuting from temecula to san diego?

i live in temecula and will soon start working within San Diego. I will work in San Diego downtown for the first 8 weeks and afterwards san marcos after that. Can anyone tell me of commuting option. I am worried as i know the commute is hectic

OHMYGOSH I would rent a room in San Diego for those 8 weeks!! And next from San Marcos? Um... Have you been on I-15 during rush hour between Escondido and San Diego? It's pretty fear-provoking... About a 2 hour commute from San Marcos to SD each road during rush hour.

I think the Sprinter (new train) is supposed to uncap very soon surrounded by San Marcos. That way you can thieve the Sprinter to the Oceanside train station and then bear the Coaster into downtown. It may take a long time, but you do NOT want to sit on a freeway for 4 hours a hours of daylight! At least the train is comfy and you can sleep or read.
My hubby has worked within Mira Mesa for 15 years-it has gotten worse (we live contained by Menifee) but either he leaves in the order of 530 AM or at 8 AM and back until that time 330PM or at ^PM. Its ok till about Rancho Bernardo after it starts clogging up- so it takes him just about 1 1/2 hours to get to work there-give yourself 1-2 hours. WAtch for long days home but you'll win the swing-
The only route into San Diego from Temecula is the I-15. There is no road to avoid traffic and delays into any of those locations. But you can check traffic and observe traffic pattern via
Only one path, 5 north to 78 east then vertebrae again west 78 to 5 south.

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