In houston texas, what time does ups stop deliver?

just wanna know.

I dream up the last pick up is 5. If you drop it bad at a pack and mail place consequently it is open til 6. If you turn the airport it is open til midnight.
My local UPS guy has made delivery as late as 7PM. I'm surrounded by the Memorial area.
My boyfriend works for UPS.

They don't stop until everything is delivered, no situation how late.
i would meditate 6pm.
Until their day by day route is finished and all packages are deliver. I've gotten deliveries as unsettled at 7 p.m.
their later pickup is at 5pm and i have have them deliver till about 7 -7:30 the driver told me he usually deliver till he is finished but he said other drivers finish at a set time and start again in the morning where on earth they left past its sell-by date the day befor it make sense to me to deliver till you are finished so that you can start your route fresh each year

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