Cost of tolls from LI, NY to SC ?

Does anyone know about how much it will cost me to drive from Long Island NY to Charleston SC??


Verrazano Bridge $10.00 (out of Brooklyn with the sole purpose, going down)
Outerbridge Crossing $8.00 (out of Jersey only, coming back)
NJ Turnpike Exit 10 to Exit 1 $3.10
Delaware Memorial Bridge $3.00 (out of Jersey merely, going down)
Delaware Turnpike $4.00
JFK Highway (MD) $5.00 (northbound only, coming back)
Fort McHenry Tunnel $2.00
There are no tolls south of Baltimore.

LI to Charleston $22.10
Charleston to LI $22.10
i know surrounded by SC we have no tolled roads...I don't cogitate there is any within NC either... or virgina for that thing. In anyother states around NY i don't know

I've lived in SC for adjectives my life

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