How can i catch from Newark NJ to Washington DC?

I am from CA but am traveling to NJ to visit my husband at Fort Dix. We would similar to to go site seeing within DC but i am not sure what the best way would be to bring there? I do not want to spend a fortune i am doing that already as it is. Plane, Car, Train, Bus?? Any suggestions?

take Amtrak. at hand is a stop in Newark (or right outside the city precincts, i'm not sure exactly where it is located but it is right hard by there) and it will stop at union station right contained by the middle of D.C. and from there you can run the metro to where ever you need to go or you can saunter to there. hold fun in D.C.
There are buses that go - that's probably the cheapest style to go, but not necessarily the most pleasant (and the bus terminal within DC is fairly sketchy). You could drive but that might not be the cheapest track to go, especially if you enjoy to rent a car, and it's not the cheapest any as far as gas, tolls, and parking. It's not the most pleasant drive, and parking and driving in DC is not cheap or pleasant at adjectives. The only biddable thing nearly driving is if you're both going, you pay duplicate expenses as you would for one person, but next to the other options, you'd obligation 2 tickets. Flying is probably not worth it either - again probably not the cheapest alternative, and even though the flight is an hour at most, by the time you deal next to getting to/from the airport, security, etc... it might not release you much time. Then the last way out is the train - it's more expensive than the bus but most likely the subsequent cheapest option, and it's extremely pleasant (best channel to do that trip by far, in my opinion). Amtrak have regular trains (called "regional") and the high speed (Acela) trains, which don't retrieve you THAT much time and are considerably more expensive, so not worth it. The "regional" trains are still pleasant - big comfortable seats, cafe saloon, etc... so it's the most pleasant way to stir, and in the long run is what I would recommend. Also it go to Union Station which is very close to downtown DC, and connects directly to the Metro (subway) within Washington.
The drive is best...I-95 to Washington. Beware of traffic jam and the killer tolls for a round trip drive (can be up to $40 round trip). Amtrak is not impossible with frequent service.
Plane is a no travel. And Fort Dix isn't really close to any major metro hub. I'd train from DC to Philly and the drive from in attendance is under an hour.
Take the Amtrack from Newark all the process to DC. Or take the PATH train from Newark to Penn Station and later take Amtrack to DC.

It is probably cheaper to fly now, though. There are tons of flights between EWR and DCA. Be sure to fly to DCA and not IAD-- you can take the metro from DCA right into town.
By auto Newark to DC is in the region of a 2.5 hour drive down New Jersey Turnpike to 95 South through Baltimore Tunnel stay on 95 and you will come to 495 Washington DC beltway. From there you can digit out where you want to walk. If you get a GPS guide next to the rental, you can tell it where on earth you want to go, influence the Capital or the White House or what have you or hotel or gas etc and basically follow the directions.
Car, coup¨¦, car! I live contained by Northern NJ - right near Newark - and have family newly outside DC for many years. I've done this trip a zillion times!
For a reasonble motor (30mpg) you can get to DC on one cistern of gas or less - - that shouldn't cost you more than $40 respectively way, total $80. Tolls are more or less $30 round trip. Give yourself some gas money for riding around - another $40. And its not even the price of one Amtrak or Plane ticket.
I-95 south is all you inevitability.
Try for a hotel. If you are decent next to directions you can try Arlington or Alexandria for hotels if you need it - - i usually procure $50 to $75/night thru priceline in one of those towns and finish off up at a decent adequate hotel. Many hotels offer shuttle service to/from the Metro so you don't even own to drive!!
Definitely take the train. The Amtrak stops at both Central Station contained by Newark and Newark Airport. Depending on when you go round trip would be roughly speaking $160 each (but here is a generous military discount)

Likewise, if your husband is within the military, if he inquires on base at hand is usually some sort of arrangements that can be made to DC. Might not be the best accommodations, but you will attain here.

Another option is to turn into New York via commuter rail and purloin either the Greyhound ($50 round trip respectively approximately) or the Chinatown Bus ($30 each round trip). The Greyhound leaves NY Port Authority and go to the Greyhound Station behind Union Station. The Chinatown bus leaves Chinatown New York and arrives within Chinatown DC.

If you decide to drive from New Jersey to DC, it's close to 3.5 hours depending on when you give. It's a straight shot down I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike) to I495 (the Beltway). However, while gas prices in NJ are nearly 2.69 at the moment, Delaware is still about 2.80, Maryland/DC it's still around 2.90. Add surrounded by tolls (about $30 round trip) and parking in DC (which is usually ridiculous) and it will adjectives work out to about like peas in a pod price.

All the best!

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