When will Arizona start to cool down?

it has be a hot summer so far.

you could be shot here in ireland for asking that q it have not stopped raining here since early june!
probably when it get closer to being winter time ...who know our global warm is getting worst so anything could happen
I would say aloud around october
I be out there surrounded by September 2 years ago and can tell you that every morning I was in that (a week), it was averaging around 115 degree. Not that I minded. Matter of fact, I hope this time subsequent year, I'll be finalizing plans to move there.
In November, or early December. I'm within Oregon, but have lots of friends who are snow birds. They step down near Yuma. They inform me it's too hot down there until after Thanksgiving. Are you chitchat about the current warmth wave? Only God know! Poor people.

Al Gore isn't crazy; the weather really have changed. It's raining here in Oregon... which is regular for 9 months out of the year, but I've never seen precipitation like this within July. Normally, July, August and September never get more than a wispy mist. This is really weird. We've have very hot weather here, too, when it used to be that we solely had one week of hot weather every August. No one have a/c in their cars or home. Why bother for one week a year? In times gone by ten years it's gotten where it's hot here for weeks on cease during the summer. Everyone has gone to ac.
This Winter. Just kidding around late September I guest, Drink plenty of sea and stay in doors.

I saw the communication this morning(I live in metro Atlanta) in the order of 6:00am Est. It was 99 in that already.
Depending on where on earth you're at. I lived in Sierra Vista more or less an hrs. drive from Tucson & a half hr. from the border of Mexico. Christmas that year be 88. But when you're that far south that's not too bad because you don't own to deal next to the humidity. Just make sure you're hydrated because several died that yr. because they didn't realize how hot it in reality was. My hubby worked contained by construction then & surrounded by the summer would come in from work next to salt from his body covering his t-shirt.
Probably surrounded by the early slop, just close to every year. :)

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