Why did they close the six flags surrounded by Houston, TX?

Was it a nice Park?

After Hurricane Katrina it went to crap b/c they consent to in adjectives the refugees for free & they trashed it.

Also the parkland is worth a lot of $.
http://saveastroworld.com/ This will explain it adjectives. :(
MONEY!! I have fun at the park when I went but adjectives the rides came from the 6 flags contained by Arlington. Some people said Houston 6 flags be the grave yard for adjectives the old rides.
not a money making business although EVERYTHING be outrageous !
from what i gathered not a soul worthwhile visited and the family that own six flags didnt want to pump any money into it for renovation. it became a place for snot-nosed teenagers to be dumped during the daylight and thats about it. once everyone hear it was closing after they wanted to travel. out of the three in texas, it be the worst. fiesta is much better maintained.
In comparison to the other Six Flags parks, it be a dump. I moved here from Dallas and was raise going to Six Flags in Arlington. My first time to Visit Astro World be over 4 years ago, when I moved here. I was shocked at how crappy of a park it be. Most of the rides were other broken or being repaired. The park be dirty and the vendors have no selection of foods. I really don't see why Houstonians be upset that they closed that hot mess down. I guess they never had a characteristic amusement park to compare it to.

They did everyone a favor and sold that death trap waiting to ensue.
Astroworld was a nice park when I be growing up (early 80s). My friends and I would go a few times every year. We have fun. What destroyed the park was their season go beyond. For the price of two general admission moms would dump their kids there for the daylight all summer. Because the neighborhood itself be sliding downhill, gangs appeared. There be rumbles because of "turf." It got to the point that the park didn't generate sufficient revenue. The park fell into disrepair, and coats of paint only didn't fix it.

Most of the rides were infirm. I first rode Greezed Lightnin' in 1980. It be still there until the pause. It rarely get new rides. Batman be in 1993!

It get to the point that the land be worth more than the revenue the park generated, so it closed surrounded by October 2005. I went newly after the announcement for that last time. The park only just looked sad. They be already starting to take things apart. From what I hear, half the rides be already disassembled the day the park closed.

By the style, rumors of Disney building a theme park somewhere out on the Katy prairie are a moment ago rumors. If Astroworld couldn't generate sufficient revenue to stay open, neither will a Disney park. It'd be approaching the lottery... popular for a few years and then blahhhh.
I really miss have Astroworld here in Houston

But copious stories have come out as to why it closed but the most popular is that it wasn't making any money
It was run down, crime invested and a better investment to sell.
It used to be a nice and fun park until it go down the tubes and became disgusting. I be saddened by the closing but it was no surprise, Astroworld be losing so much money and it was not worth it anymore.
money. astroworld sat on a hot piece of property that still hasnt be developed since. astroworld was doing resourcefully and still attracted vistors from all over. its closing be sudden and sad.
guess it wasn't making as much money as previously
The company required to sell the ground because it was worth more than the park be going to generate in revenue.

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