Which months are the foggiest on the California coast?

I'm trying to plan a trip, and the last time I go down the coast it was foggy as can be and we scarcely ever saw the ocean.

The expression "May Gray and June Gloom" should be a good indicator.
When it is hot inland the moist marine air get sucked in. Spring and trickle are your best bet for a good hours of daylight.
My preference would be drop. October is usually good. November and you may be getting into rainfall.
come in the summer that time of year is great here
Some of the best time to see the coast surrounded by California, especially the north coast near San Francisco is September to November. You procure some spectacular sunsets, not a lot of fog, and no precipitation usually.
Winter: November, December, January, February.
Actually, contrary to what the first human being said, the foggiest time of the year is mid/late spring through early summer... April, May, June... when the inland areas are stove but there's still significant humidity. By mid-summer, there's usually not enough humidity, and by fall/Indian Summer it's greatly very dry.

That said... winter is regularly foggy, too... from about mid December forwards (November isn't winter, and rarely get fog... sans maybe Point Reyes which get major fog year round... but not as desperate as spring. However, since San Francisco has exceptionally tepid heat and dewpoint (ie: neither are particularly lofty or low), they're generally more or less even with respectively other, so fog can occur at any time. The lowest possible foggy months (when fog is very rare) are August through October (and to a slight minor extent, November), as the dewpoint is very low and the temperature are relatively high.

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