What are the pros and cons nearly living surrounded by Phoenix, AZ?

Pros: Great winter/Spring weather, Affordable housing and Rent, Lots of job, Lots of entertainment, Gang activity isn't as bleak as other big cities, Good educational systems, Near by lake, Close to CA and Vegas.

Cons: Super Hot summers, Smog, Bad traffic, Bad drivers, lack of cultural diversity (no China Town, Little Italy etc...), Brown dry and dusty.
Cons : It is growing similar to crazy, the heat can be as big as 118 it reached 122 within 1990, the worst months are June -August.
Pros: there are like mad of friendly people
Cons: Heavy traffic and it is also a right to work state, that really bites. :0S
If you live contained by Arizona, you are close to Las Vegas:0P and travelling through the mountains is beautiful and a great summer catch away. Prescott is beautiful, Flagstaff is awfully nice, Globe is a historical little town.

Arizona is a beautiful state and I miss it for the sake of traveling to Vegas or traveling through the mountains. :0)
pros: great weather besides the summer months
cons: 115+ surrounded by the summer
Pros: Warm and pleasant contained by the winter
Interesting scenery around the city and surrounded by Arizona
Good restaurants
Rapidly improving art scene and downtown
Excellent sports environment

Cons: Ridiculously hot contained by the summer
Unending sprawl
Bad traffic, mediocre public transportation
No true neighborhoods - it all looks duplicate
Predominance of chain stores
Pros: Job market is still doing great.
Cons: The bake is coming back.
I live in Phoenix as of right very soon. If you dont like extremely hot weather DON'T move here contained by the summer it gets contained by the 120's and if your car is surrounded by the sun it can reach temperates of 190F inside!! Other than that Phoenix is a short time ago like every other big city.
Checkout Scottsdale at this website http://www.123world.com/scottsdale Good Luck!!
Yeah I heard Phoenix within the summer makes hell get the impression like Alaska contained by comparison. That's how ridiculously hot it is.
Pros: There's plenty to do and it can enjoy beautiful weather(fall, winter, spring).

Cons: It get dreadfully hot surrounded by the summer, there's lots of crime, it's smoggy, the water from the slap tastes outrageous, and ummmm...it's hot.
all pros

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