What is the difference between Los Angeles and Hollywood? Is it duplicate point?

Hollywood is a neighborhood of Los Angeles. Hollywood is not it's own incorporated city. You know how New York has 7 burroughs (Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx . . . ) LA have 11 neighborhoods.
Hollywood is a element of the City of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles is made up of just about 100-200 different cities. Get a map and take a look. Hollywood is in recent times one city in Los Angeles.
Shepard, this, unquestionably, confuses a lot of ancestors because this type question comes up frequently.
Hollywood be in certainty it's own city from 1903 until 1910 when it was consolidated beside the City of Los Angeles. Since then it have been bit of the city of Los Angeles. There is a ward (subdivision) within the city that outstandingly generally approximates the ripened city of Hollywood boundaries.
Also peeps give the impression of being to confuse the City of Los Angeles next to the County of Los Angeles, in which the city sits. The county is huge and the city is small cut of it The county has 88 cities within it, plus massive county lands.
Hope this helps.
hollywood is an area of Los Angeles
The one point you have to infer about Los Angeles is that it is a patch-quilt made up of frequent smaller cities and towns. Most of these neighborhoods existed as distinct communities with their own identity before person swallowed up by Los Angeles, and they continue to cling to those identity, despite now anyone officially factor of the City of Los Angeles. Wilmington and San Pedro, out by the harbor, Brentwood (out by Beverly Hills), Westwood Village, Venice, Hollywood, Watts, most of the cities in The Valley... are adjectives officially element of Los Angeles. But they are also still distinct communities in their own right. Hollywood, for instance, be founded as a town decades before L.A. get around to absorbing it. To know L.A., you have to carry to know it neighborhood-by-neighborhood, since each one have its own regional flavor.
They formulate movies in Hollywood and provide pirate copies in Los Angeles.
Hollywood is a part of Los Angeles, it is not its own city. West Hollywood is its own incorporated city though.
Since Hollywood is not an incorporated city (i.e., doesn't have its own Mayor and governing body), it is considered Los Angeles as resourcefully being inside its borders.

As a community it is one exceptional location, among others within the city of Los Angeles.
No its not. You own L.A. county which is vast close to 500 square miles. Then you have L.A. city which is much smaller. Then you enjoy Hollywood. Which is a small city within the city confines of L.A. city. Hollywood and the city of L.A. are both inside the county border of L.A. county.

Its a 10 minute drive from LA to Hollywood

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