Is las vegas a better place to live than miami?

I was asking contained by terms of career salary avarages, living costs, the darkness life ect.

To be honest, I don't know and I don't think I'd really watchfulness for either one. Las Vegas is stupid and I hear Miami is hotter and miserable than hell.
I imagine Miami is better becasue it is a bit more relaxed and you have a smaller number of a chance of getting shot, crush up, or run over by a drunk driver
Not sure what the costs of living etc contained by miami are, but i know that vegas is fairly credible, although to purchase a home is rather expensive. We be paying $1300 for a nice 3 bed 2 and 1/2 bath townhome w/ 2 motor garage. We were give or take a few 10 minutes out of the city on the side of the mountains. There are a TON of jobs availble out at hand, and the pay is usually pious. benefits in the casinos are roughly unbeatable. it can procure to be a crazy city, but when living there, you really of late do your best to avoid ''the strip'' unless family and friends are within town . . . and trust me, EvErYoNe will come and visit you within vegas :) hope this helps somewhat.

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