Help! ISAT Test Percentile?

I'm confused about what my 7th Grade Isat Percentiles are I've received my 7th Grade Isat score back but I'm not sure what my Percentiles are but on the put money on it say National Percentile Compairision and after next to respectively subject which is Math,Science and Reading there is a percent is that the percentile I score in or is that merely comparing how I did to other kids If so how do I find out what percentile I scored?
the intention i'm so confused is because on my 6th grade Isat score they were one and the same as my National Compairision scores which be a 93% and a 79%

Your ISAT score is a three digit mark ranging within the 7th grade from 120 to 360 on Reading, 120 to 393 on Math and 120 to 392 on Science. This is the scale score that determines which of the four level you fall into (Academic Warning, Below Standards, Meets Standards, or Exceeds Standards).

The percentiles you are discussion about are not your ISAT score. You're right, percentiles compare you to other testtakers. They range from 0-99, and the percentile tell you what percent of the total testing group you score above on the test. So if your percentile is 93, that ability you scored better than 93% of those who took the question paper. Excellent job!

Here is a PDF guide to the ISAT, which explains evaluation reports that the schools gain, which are more detailed than yours, but they may help you recognize a bit more about them, since everything on your report is on the school's altered copy of the report. I'm surprised you didn't get a "how to interpret your results" page along next to the results.
Your school counselor can explain adjectives that for you -- that's one reason he/she is in that.

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