Do Universal Studios Comp Tickets Expire?

I am hoping to get a response from someone who if truth be told works at the park(s):

In Early 2006, a large group of us go to Universal Orlando/Islands of Adventure. We were travelling near a disabled family bough and were treated fundamentally badly by one hand. The manager give our whole group comp tickets for both parks. I enjoy never had the luck to use my tickets
(I have 2). They are over a year outmoded, and I was curious if they ever expire. I want to finally use them this weekend, and I don't want to win there and hold them be expired. My other family member used them in behind 2006. We will still go (and buy our tickets) but it would suck if I never get to use them seeing as we had such a impossible experience last time.


Comp tickets as you describe would still be perfect. If you have any doubt ring guest services for verification. Have fun.
If they don't enjoy a date on them saying they expire, I don't see why you still wouldn't know how to use them. I'd call and ask someone beside their customer service and give them the leave behind number and whatnot to be safe though.

407-224-4233 is the number for guest services, they should know how to help :)
Comp tickets issued to guests own no expiration dates for measurable reasons.

Comp tickets given to organization (Production Team Members) are noted with an expiration date on the stern of the ticket and are usually printed on simple ticket card stock with a bland color on one side and black/white on the other side. An expired hand comp ticket can be exchanged for a replacement, but only by the hand (if still actively employed) backstage.

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