I currently live in florida. I'm planning on attending college here, at NYU, or USC. For nation living in one of the other two areas, transmit me whether or not you enjoy the nouns? I need much feedback.

Being from Florida, I expect it's better to live in Florida than New York City because they can't hold a candle to FLA's beach. NYC is a tough town to make it of late out of high institution, but definitely worth the culture here. Cali certainly have nice beaches, but not adjectives of Cali is sunny and warm. It's immensely diverse, not just climate but relations, culture, etc. Not to mention if you go to college out of state be prepared to payment alot more money for tuition if you stayed in-state.

Stay in FLA. Go to UF (if you REALLY close to school but not greatly social) or FSU (if you like smokin' hot girls) or UCF (if you approaching living in a big city AND smokin' hot girls)
First you need to agree on on what institution is best for you. It doesn't make sense living somewhere great (or great for you now) and after the courses that you need aren't up to par.

To answer your query, you'll have to experience earthquake within California and hurricane in Florida. All New York have is snow, snow until the cows come home but you'll get use to it and love it.

That's my rant for the hour. Hope that help.
My friend, New York City is "Capital of the World", the most leading city on Earth, and one the greatest city on the planet. New York City is the 24/7 city, everything and anything happens within New York and once you go to NYU here you really will not want to go subsidise to FLA.

Good luck
I live within California, was born and raise in the New York nouns, and temporarily lived with my father within Florida so I think I may be the best suited to answer this sound out.

I loved growing up with the snow (snow days! yay!). But the elder I got, the more the cold bothered me - I put stale responsibilities because it meant have to shovel my car out of the snow to do them. The summer can grasp brutal as well - tremendously humid. However, there's always something to do. New York is great city to run to school within. You'll meet folks - you'll eat at amazing restaurants, and no event where you run in the world, you'll other crave the food you ate. (I'm missing Gray's Papaya something fierce for at lowest a year now)

Florida? I was down close to Ft. Lauderdale. Hot, balmy, rained seriously. Not for me. I hear other areas are less "armpit-like", but I've hear it from everyone - there's not much to do in Florida.

California. I didn't expect to stay here so long, but I must vote the weather alone is extraordinary. Sure, there aren't any Dunkin Donuts or well-mannered pizza and bagels out here, but the Mexican food and other ethnic food more than makes up for it (not resembling I can't fly back and stop by the folks anyway). I'm in the Bay Area - aka The Silicon Valley where on earth all the tech companies are. We enjoy San Francisco which can be chilly and overcast most of the time, but there's a lot to do.

USC is down surrounded by southern Cali which is gorgeous. I just get back from a trip down to LA and in attendance is just sooo much in attendance. Granted, its no NYC, but it just feel so nice to walk around within a tank top surrounded by January.

So, its really up to you. What do you want to experience in your stay at a college?
NYU is completely different from USC. NYU is not sunny and populated by blonde, surfer dudes year-round. It is a major city university near Manhattan as its campus, whose aesthetics, people and studies are completely different from what you would find at a arts school in Cali. At the pause of the day, it is a thing of personal choice. I'm sure you have considered the resounding differences between NYU and USC, which surrounded by essence is a choice between NYC or LA, and one should stand out as the better fit for you.

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