Newark airport to Statue of Liberty Trip. Must be Cheap and Fast. What's the most rationalized method?

Any suggestions on a cheap but fast trip from Newark airport to Statue of Liberty? Under $50 round trip for 2 general public (not including island ferry fees). I hold about 7 hours layover at EWR and want to see statue of Liberty. Cabs cost over $100 round-trip next to tolls and tips. I am thinking train NJ transit train to Penn Station. What's next? My plane lands around 7 am assuming it's not belated. I have to pick up another one at 2 pm. Best answer will be the one that provides the most detailed trip plan including transit time. Thanks!

As of several years ago:

The ferry leave from two locations: Liberty State Park, within Jersey City, NJ, and the southern tip on Manhattan (near or in Battery Park).

The black cab fare is much less to the Jersey City location than to the Manhattan location.

From the Newark Penn Station stop on the NJ transit/Amtrak column (much shorter train ride than the New York City Penn Station), there are buses to a variety of places in New Jersey (maybe including Jersey City) and a PATH train (much faster than the bus within traffic) to Jersey City (the station is called something else).

On a discouraging day, driving time (taxi or otherwise) between Newark Airport and the Manhattan location can be three hours respectively way. Trains and buses do not other run on time (or at all). Considering the continue for the ferry, how long in the past departure you must arrive at the airport, etc., the only routing that ensure you can make your flight is a helicopter.

However, you can see the statue from frequent places in New Jersey. You do not enjoy to take the carry to the island.
Well to take the NJ Transit train from the airport is expensive, they tack on a $10 surcharge respectively way to draw from on or off the train at the airport. That alone will put you over $60 round trip for two those.

You can take a bus from the airport to Downtown Newark where on earth you can catch a bus to Jersey City. But that's time consuming. If your plane leaves at 2pm, you hold to be back at the airport no then than 12:30 to go through financial guarantee so you don't miss your plane. A cab from the airport costs $35 respectively way, and may be the merely option where on earth you actually hold time to visit the statue.
The fastest way to the Statue of Liberty from Newark Airport underneath $50.

Step 1: take the Newark Aitrain from the airport to the Newark Airport station on the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line.

Step 2: at Newark Airport station on the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line, purloin a New York-bound NJ Transit train to Newark Penn Station.

Step 3: at Newark Penn Station, transfer to the New York-bound PATH Train, which is a commuter chain that serve both New York City and New Jersey. Take the train going to the World Trade Center.

Step 4: at the World Trade Center, exit the PATH station and walk one block east to Broadway and Fulton Street. Enter the subway and cart the downtown (southbound) #4 or 5 train (green line) to Bowling Green.

Step 5: from Bowling Green, exit the subway and walk through Battery Park to Castle Clinton (follow sign that say ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island). Buy you ticket at ticket bureau board the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and delight in.

The same trip can be done, backwards on you return trip to the airport.

Fares (round trip per person)
Airtrain $10 x 2
NJ Transit: $15.50 x 2
PATH: $3 x 2
NYC Subway $4 x 2
Total: $32.50

Round-trip tickets to Statue of Liberty cost $12 for adults and $5 for children.

Word of advice, since you hold a 7 hour layover, make sure you hold you bags check at the airport or at the hotel. The plea, large stacks will not be allow on either Liberty Island or Ellis Island.

I hope this infomation be very advantageous, good luck and thrilled travels.

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