I'm going to call round CSUN and UCLA. Any public transportation I can clutch from USC?

I'm going to Los Angeles for a few days and staying over with a friend at USC. I considered necessary to visit two colleges - California State University Northridge and UCLA. I won't hold access to a car, so what money of public transportation can I take to call on those schools? What buses can I clutch and how would I find out the schedules so I can plan ahead of time?

dude, rent a hummer for 100 a time and do the town first class.
Go to www.metro.net. You can use the trip planner to find bus and train routes.

MobileMark, where on earth are you? We need your expertise here!
okay I'm going assume you want to two different trip one to CSUN and other to UCLA (not both contained by the same day[buit it could be done]
okay let start with UCLA from USC you can lift any bus Figueroa, take it to 5th Olive, (get time pass for $5.00)
afterwards board the 720 rapid at 5th/Grand) in a minute here show the day exceed to the 720 driver and then deposit 30cents for a to
Metro to Muni verbs
take the 720 to Westwood/Wilshire, later walk to Lindbrook/westwood next take any bus to UCLA minute
that if you are doing this on a weekend all buses (including
Santa Monica big blue buses will give somebody a lift you to the ackerman union student blog but if this is on a week morning the only the Culver city #6 will jump the student union (all big bused cessation at the UCLA bus terminal (Hilgard)
thats one way to carry to UCLA a little faster channel is to
board a bus to downtown (pay $1.25 +.30 get a MTA to Muni verbs take the bus to Olive /Pico
consequently walk 1 block to Grand/Pico
board the SM #10 have the driver the transfer an payment another
$1.50 (thats a $1.00 for the freeway ) then 50 cents for a strange transfer)
take the #10 to Santa Monica/Bondy, later transfer to SM#1 for UCLA
immediately for CSUN(get a day overrun for this one( for $5.00)
take the vein 81 bus to hill/4th then board the red file
at the Pershing square station take the red string to Universal city station then board Metro rank 240 to Reseda/ Prairie
Oh jeez... sadly, LA doesn't enjoy a very well brought-up public transportation system - there's a bus system and a VERY limited commuter train system... but I haven't used them surrounded by almost twenty years.

Contact the LA Metro system (I'm sure they have a website or a phone number) and they can backing you plan a route... be prepared to spend a LOT of time on those buses / transferring from one to another.

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