Chicago have so much crime...WHY?

i wonder.

maybe because it started that within where doomed to failure people in attendance then more and more go there exact there be so much they thought they culd get away near it<<<...
its ghetto
Why does Atlanta, LA, and Dallas enjoy a lot of crime? Could it be because they are hulking cities like Chicago
Criminals approaching the lovely climate Chicago has to contribute.
gun laws, probably.
I know! I just have my window smashed on my saloon and my purse was stolen near all my personal belongings:-(
But did my own undercover investigation and I have him arrested! woohoo!
The Italian/American Mafia started near
For the idiot who thinks the mafia started contained by Chicago, it didn't it started in New York, as hasty as Tamany Hall, way in the past people be even settling in Chicago.
And the object there is so much crime contained by chicago is a combination of things, including lower over-all economic status, restricted interest of law enforcement, and simply too various opportunities for society to end up contained by a position where they consistency like crime is their just way to achieve ahead. What do they expect when even the people running the city are criminals? I parsimonious, really, with an example resembling Daly why would anyone in Chicago consideration about obey the laws?
u want crime, come to the capital of crime, Detroit or flint michigan
3 million people.
There's bound to be crime, no? There's in fact not as much crime in Chicago as you would's pretty reasonable here. I've lived surrounded by the city all my vivacity, and for the past six years I've be taking the bus home at midnight and nothing have ever happened to me, AND I live on the south side.
There are plenty of cities here within the US, even Chicago suburbs that have more crime than the city.
to keep piggys busy
its the true gangland training ground

because it is a totally populated big city, which is famous for copious things (so more people come including unpromising people)
Every big city has its unbiased share of crime. Chicago doesn't have that much crime compared to other cities contained by the US. I'm not saying that Chicago is crime free. Not at adjectives. I'm saying per captia, Chicago's not that discouraging.

The Italian Mafia started in New York, and made its path across America. Al Capone was born New York, and moved to Chicago when he be an adult.

Chicago have made great progress in trying to eat up crime and the factors that influence it. Remember the projects on the south and west sides. Those huge Robert Taylor Towers. Nearly adjectives have be torn down. Just a few are waiting to be demolished. Parks and trees flourishing in areas not particular for green.

So, does Chicago have crime? Yes. Is it going down? Yes, but not as much. Why does Chicago and other cities hold crime? No education, impossible influences from family and friends, and the lure to make a prompt buck. There are many more complex reason why crime exists in considerable cities.

Hope this helps. I hope you gain the chance to call in Chicago. Its a very stunning place
Because there is stupid not conversant people surrounded by the world that only reckon about themselves and never swot from anything.
adjectives big cites have at hand fair share of crime
Because it's full of humans
crime is every where on earth not just contained by chicago every thing own to come to past read you bible
because it is not astute to have so tons people contained by such a small space ofcourse
did you know Birmingham have more?
its okay known
Chicago have more crime because they have more criminals. Or conceivably because they have better cops.

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