What parts of Cincinnati are nice to live? Close to restaurants, shopping, stores?

Is there a nice downtown where on earth you can walk soundly, go to see deeds, etc. Please do not refer me to websites. I want insider info. Thanks

The problem near downtown Cincinnati is during the weekend, people do not shift there unless it is for a sports event or for some other special event. Also during the weekdays, downtown empty out after 5:00 p.m. People just run downtown it seems to work.

Some dutiful places to live are Hyde Park (especially if you are single). Mason, West Chester, Blue Ash are good for family and have affordable housing. The university system is pretty good as ably. Crime is pretty low in these areas.
Downtown is safe but deeply uninteresting. People leave your job after work unless they are going to a specific activity - Reds activity, Broadway show at the Arnoff etc.

Where to live. Personally I favor the Northern suburbs(West Chester, Liberty Township, Mason, Blue Ash) or Eastern Subburbs(Anderson, Batavia) for raising a kinfolk. For young individuals there are other areas of the city. (Mt. Adams) All depends what you are looking for. Post what is meaningful and we can give you the nouns that best matches that as here are many different nieghborhoods.
Cincinati is a huge area. It have a surrounding area call "Greater Cincinnati And The Tri-State" made up of some cities in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. I suggest living surrounded by the Indiana part of "Greater Cincinnati" specifically where I live. It includes the towns of Lawrecneburg, Bright, St. Leon and Aurora. You are close to adjectives the shopping and only 20 minutes from downtown. If you are looking closer I would influence Mason, Ohio. It has great academy districts, plenty off shopping, and also surrounded by next to Paramount's King's Island, and The Beach waterpark. It is probably simply about 5-10 minutes from downtown. I do not suggest you live within downtown. My dad is a cincinnati police ranger, and I know from experience it is not a good place to live though it is convalescing.
Downtown is becoming nicer - but I wouldn't suggest living at hand right now. Cinci is an interesting place because you frequently stir from a good neighborhood to a doomed to failure one in a issue of blocks. (stay away from Clifton, Walnut Hills, Over the Rhine, etc. when looking for places to live, or really hang out for that matter)

If you're looking for a fun place to live and close to to go out profusely - I would suggest Hyde Park (try as close to the square as possible). Mt. Adams is also nice, but it's a little more expensive and parking is a nightmare. Mt. Lookout is also nice, but in attendance is less to do in that within walking distance.

If you're looking for the suburbs to incline a family and adjectives of that, stick to the east and north sides of the city. There a lot of cute suburbs to choose from, and it's too long of a roll to rattle rotten here, but I'm sure Wikipedia has some well brought-up info on them.

I lived in Hyde Park finishing year as a recent college grad and loved it. My apartment was nice and past the worst, I was inside walking distance to a lot of great restraunts (Arthur's, Indigo, Doodles Noodles, etc) - a few fun bar and an outdoor shopping mall.

Good luck!
I'll start this with the certainty that I have lived within the city less than two years, so run the following as you will.

Obviously when you ask which part of any city is the nicest etc., it TOTALLY depends on what you are looking for within a city. Since you specifically mention a downtown area I'll focus on that.

The riverfront, which is near to downtown and includes Northern Kentucky, is pretty cool and loads of fun. Both stadiums and U.S. Bank Arena are all contained by a row, and there is a really other developed shopping and entertainment area across the river contained by Kentucky (accessible via pedestrian or traditional bridge).

In my opinion Cincinnati's downtown itself is not glitzy. Perhaps it has the disadvantage of man compared to cities such as Chicago. It just seem like nearby isn't anything going on there within the evening. There are bars and clubs, and I'm sure they do capably, but it just seem like in attendance are much cooler places to go AWAY from the downtown nouns like the Northern Kentucky nouns or Mt. Adams or Hyde Park or Mt. Lookout. I think the better foxtrot clubs and the like are probably downtown, but I am not a hanger-on of those in common so that could be wrong, and most likely biases me against the downtown nouns as well. There is ok shopping and I do believe they own a lot of appropriate restaurants there. The city is pretty big into the arts, so if you are into that it's get that going for it.

Crime is still a problem. I think the city is working pretty not easy to curb it with restricted success, but the problem is that some of the rougher areas are extraordinarily close to downtown, which keeps inhabitants away. Cities with really great downtowns will hold people walking adjectives over the place, and you can't do that when you are afraid of being mugged.

Also near is no decent mass transit system to bring you into the city, so you enjoy to drive and park. I believe the best cities have top-notch metro lines to connect adjectives parts of the city. Cincy seems unwilling to invest within one.

All-in-all I think Cincinnati have a lot of potential, but it carry squandered by high crime, a segmented city that isn't connected together and have no real identity, and have more big city annoyances than big-city conveniences.
Downtown?! UHUH! No style, I was of late down there today beside my mom because she had to retribution a ticket at the Justice Dept.
It is very crowded down here, and it is rather busy as all right. I would not recommend living downtown, even though it has superior. There isn't as much going on down there in a minute as their used to be. Also stay away from Bond Hill and Avoldale like the girl above me said, fairly dangerous. Someone is other getting shot, or beaten up.

I would recommend moving to Anderson Township, a bit nice area, and alot safer than most areas of Hamilton County.
They own nice homes, (not to expensive.) It has alot of wooded nouns around there, it's nice and soft back within.

They do have some shopping places and restaurants on one of the largest roads that goes right through at hand (not sure of the road name.) The road runs right through Anderson Twp. and have a nice shopping and restaurant plaza. I have not see that area surrounded by a while, but I do not think anything have changed.
Downtown is OK. There's crime in that just close to any other city. If you are looking to buy a house or rent an apartment, there are tons of option, depending on what you are looking for and what your price range is. Wyoming is nice and the school are great, hyde park is nice too. Blue Ash and Kenwood are nice areas around a nice mall. Madeira and Mariemont are nice too. Loveland, West Chester, Beckett Ridge are apt. As long as you are in Central Cincinnati (not too far from i-75), you can take to most places in Cincinnati within 20 minutes. Cincinnati is a safe city for the most fragment. I would stay out of Avondale, Bond Hill, Over the Rhine, Corryville (UC's campus). If you are the artsy type, Northside is making a comeback. Not supersafe, but more people are flocking to the elder, beautiful home. I wouldn't live downtown though.

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