How far is greyhound station within reno from circus circus. i am planning?

to go to reno next to my wife and my 3 years old. what can i do for a three days stay

Go see the Sierra Safari Zoo or the Great Basin Adventure within Reno. Each has animals that you child would close to. The Great Basin Adventure has pony rides and nice picnic areas.

If you can take over to Carson City, see the state's train museum. There is an actual train that runs during the weekends that you can ride.

Since you are staying at the Circus Circus, you know there is no swimming pool but you may be capable of use the pool at Silver Legacy for a fee.

The Grand Sierra have miniature race cars that you can ride beside your child.
The Greyhound depot is situated near West 2nd St. between Arlington and Ralston, reasonably a long walk to Circus Circus. You hold a choice of either grab a taxi or catching the Route 6 RTC bus on Arlington, which will give somebody a lift you to the CitiCenter terminal, which is very close to CC. As far as what to do for three days, if you're not into making a bet, there are a few places of interest in and around Reno. If you're up for renting a saloon, you could take a drive to Virginia City, which is an out-of-date mining town and well worth the trip. Also, Carson City (the capitol of NV), or South Lake Tahoe, or even North Lake Tahoe for that thing.

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