When booking a hotel online, does the hotel charge your card quickly, or at the actual START of your stay?

I've never booked a hotel room before and be wondering, do they charge your card when you make the reservation, or do they charge when your stay at the hotel have BEGUN?

If it helps any, the hotel is The US Grant surrounded by San Diego, and I can't see where they specify...

For US Grant reservations...when you book online you can click on the "terms and details" division of the room description. It appears that when your card will be charged depends on what kind of rate you booked. For example, the Internet Only rates require a deposit. The other rates do not. Also the reversal policies are different depending on the rate you booked. These policies are a little more confusing than most hotels. But if you cannot find the "lingo and details" part on your confirmed reservation try putting surrounded by the same date on the website and looking at it that way. You don't hold to book another room, but you can take a look at the policy.

In broad when booking a reservation from a hotel's website...your credit card is used to hold the room/guarantee the room for late arrival. If you do not revoke by the time shown or you do not show up they will charge your credit card for one night's room and tax. Upon checking within you will be asked for a credit card. If you hand over your debit card describe the desk clerk to charge the entire amount for the stay up front, otherwise you will be hit with an authorization amount that could nick up to two weeks to clear off your card. If you foot with a regular credit card an authorization will be taken, usually for the room and levy plus at least $30 to cover incidentals (phone call, movies, food). It is at check-out when that card is actually charged. On credit cards the authorization disappears much faster than it does on debit cards. Most hotels still adopt cash and even checks, of which, you can salary with at anytime. Just bring in sure you get a tally!
Just give them a ring and ask them:


In general, every hotel sets its own policies. Most will not charge you until you come to the hotel, or until you check out of the hotel, or until you don't show up at the hotel. But some rates are prepaid rates, and various online sites sell hotel reservations and they other charge the credit card from the get-go.

In addition to the charging policies, you must other check on their cancellation policies - within vary more widely than the credit card policies. All hotels will charge you for one dark if you don't show up and you don't call them to utter so- for some you have until 4pm the light of day of arrival, others until 6pm, others 24 hour notice, 48 hour see, 7 days, etc. etc. Since you never know if something could happen to put together you need to exchange plans, it's important to know the reversal policy. I never book hotels with more than a 48 our policy.

If you've never booked a hotel room since, you certainly started near a gorgeous hotel. I have NOT checked on this hotel, so don't draw from nervous, but surrounded by the future, when checking on hotels, I recommend you other look for reviews about them on www.tripadvisor.com. That's how you can revise if they are worth what you will be paying for them. I've found great hotels online, then read guests who stayed in attendance before and reported horrible experiences, as economically as ones with wonderful experiences. I've never stayed surrounded by a bad hotel since I started using this website something like 8 years ago.
They will run your card to sort sure there is ample funds on that card to cover your stay but they won't charge your card until you check in/check out, unless otherwise specified.
If its through Priceline, later yes you get charged right away. But other later that they just kind sure you can pay for it on your credit card if you dont hold the cash when you show up. Make sure if you cant sort it you cancel 24hours in the past you go, or they will still charge you.

I hope this help.
When you book, it should tell you if it is a prepaid reservation. Usually the cheaper deal online are the prepaid so they run the charge when you make the reservation.

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