Where can a human being see dolphins implicit Oklahoma?

My daughter is coming to Oklahoma from Canada in August and she loves dolphins. I am looking for some place close by by that may have some. Does anyone know if the zoo surrounded by Oklahoma City has them, or know of any place that is to say not to far away?

That's going to be difficult. The Oklahoma City Zoo closed it's dolphin exhibit several years ago after a number of dolphin death. I think the closest zoo beside dolphins might be in Tulsa. Here is their website:
i ponder the other post is correct they might have closed the dolphin exhibit down here within OKC. If you do go to Tulsa, you should steal her to the Jenks Aquarium. It is awesome. Here is the link to it http://www.okaquarium.org/ Also, dont forget that Sea World San Antonio would unquestionably have Dolphins and it would basically take a days drive to go and get there. I am sure your daughter would love that.

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