Should I move to Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio?

Where would you recommend a single mom moving to out of these areas? I want a nice area near a lot of culture, and things to do beside my baby. Any opinion?

San Antonio.
There are great school and alot of nice things to do.
Having lived in Dallas and Houston, i would chose Houston to settle down surrounded by. Houston is enormous and caters to everyone, its so diverse. If you can knob the traffic (which really depends on where you live) it'll be ok.

The biggest gripe I hold about Dallas are the populace. Inconsiderate drivers!, and they are very arrogant.

Both are continuously growing so contained by terms of a post you should be ok.

Schools in both cities are moral as well. But majority of Texas's best school are in Houston or its suburbs.
You will get adjectives opinions from the culture who live in respectively of these cities, but then again, they chose to live contained by those cities.

Houston is the Largest of the three. There are plenty of opportunities for employment, and at hand is a significant amount of entertainment in the nouns. I have lived for a while contained by the Kemah area basically south of Houston, and it is nice, but the city of Houston itself, lost a lot of it's appeal when it have the big surge in growth during the grease boom years. It tried to separate itself from the rest of the state, and tried to become a world class city, but (in my opinion) always seem to fall for a time short)

I never lived in Dallas, but most of my nearest and dearest lives in the DFW metroplex. Again within is a tremendous amount of opportunity for employment in the overall metropolitan nouns. Entertainment is plentiful, but if I was going to move into the DFW metro nouns I would probably choose the Fort Worth side. The museum district and the arts in the city far exceed a city of it's size, and it doesn't enjoy the pretension of Dallas, while still putting you close enough to access the Dallas venue when needed.

Finally, we come to San Antonio. Once a sleepy little town in south internal Texas, this city is rapidly growing and contained by the latest ballot estimates is larger than Dallas. While being a core city, San Antonio still has the quality of a smaller city. Everything you need is here, but the Urban sprawl have a feeling of Houston and the pretension of Dallas is missing. The multi-cultural atmosphere brings a feeling of fair to the city year round, from the Mexican Fiesta to the German Octoberfest, there is other something going on, and most for a reasonable price. The arts community is launch to grow more rapidly after seeming to lie around for a long time, and the First Friday Celebration in Southtown can be really nice. While there are copious of the celebrations which are crowded and even a little too much for a babyish child, there are several focused directly at the youth.

There are many excellent school in the city rate exemplary by the Texas Education Agency, and it is a good belief when moving into the area next to children to look at the schools when picking a location to live.

After living or spending extended period of time in adjectives three cities, my choice is San Antonio, but it is a matter of identity. I think they adjectives have angelic points. They also all hold bad points. None of them enjoy very obedient traffic flow, and the mass transit in adjectives three is adequate to fully clad but limited. In adjectives three growth far exceeds the city planning, but each is making hard work to bring the infrastructure up to the level to support cities of the size of these.

Another possiblity for you, could be Austin, it is another fine city, the traffic isn't any better, but near are very nice public and cultural deeds in that city also.

Good luck next to your move.
i live in houston and i would read out san antonio. ive been in that a few times and i like it much better. ive be to dallas a few times too and i wouldnt live there any
San Antonio. Low cost of living, lots of growth and TONS of culture.
i say you should move to San Antonio.
I say Dallas too.
im 15 born and raised contained by san antonio and id articulate heres the best
dallas=been there, wayyy overcrowded, not as friendly individuals, and not as much to do
houston=havent been within so i honestly couldnt tell you but from what ive hear its equal to or better than dallas.
san antonio=more culture than both houston and dallas, many different things to do no business what your taste, even though the citys growing, the nouns is too so not too overcrowded, nicer people, and youd simply have to see the rest for yourself.
Where are you moving from? Please spend rather time in adjectives three areas before making a big judgment like moving.

All three areas hold their positives and negatives. Dallas is the mecca of more worldly Metropolitan venue. You are also close to Ft. Worth and Arlington, and there are an assortment of different types of jobs to choose from. However, things are a bit more pricy.

Houston is massively nice as well. I especially close to the museum/zoo area. The certainty that it is so close to Galveston is a plus for the shore, but it is an oil town and one of the top largest cities surrounded by the US, so there is plentifully of smog. It is difficult to get out contained by case of another Hurricane as we have in 2002. Again, things are a bit pricy.

San Antonio is so good-looking it is hard to describe. We enjoy a unique culture down here. Having be a single mom in this city, I can detail you that there are plentiful cultural things to do for very temperate or free prices. That's a plus and we are near the mount country with lake and rivers and beautiful parks. We also hold SeaWorld and Six Flags. We use our quarries when we are done next to them. So the city is very ergonomic. Things abundant people don't clutch in consideration when decide heath factor. It is also the most reasonable place to live.

Austin is also vastly beatiful and not far from San Antonio. I would not factor out our state capital especially if you are exceedingly health conscious.

Look into university districts within cities. Austin's northside is great. San Antonio as in good health. Anything near Dear Park or Katy within Houston or near SMU within Dallas.
Anywhere but Houston!
San Antonio.
I own to say, San Antonio is the solitary place I've lived, and I've lived here for the 13 years of my life. But even still, I surmise this is a great city: you have so much culture here: the Alamo, the story of our heritage, the's a great place to live, nice relatives. And don't forget theme parks for the tikes: Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a great focus park here. The San Antonio Zoo is also another source of entertainment.

And don't forget to see our favorite team, the Spurs, a strange basketball Dynasty.

If you plan to live here for a while, you'll be in luck: not single are there greatly great schools here, but contained by the near adjectives, we will have a unmarked college. In terms of childhood, may I suggest the Downtown Library: a great source of books, tapes and magazine, and Rivercenter Mall, a great shopping area.

San Antonio is stuffed next to things to do!
i live in dallas, and i close to it better here than houston or san antonio. dallas has tons things to do and is a nice place to live.
im from the north, but i would deduce dallas would be a good place. its prospering and alot of oppportunity in attendance
DALLAS!! There's so much to do!
I live in San Antonio. their is closely of culture in the city. The Alamo is one of the big attractions within the city..But their is a lot more. Take it from me, I certainly live in San Antonio. We're also the home of the Spurs...And we a short time ago won the championship.

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