How far is Princeton University from Manhattan, New York City?

I would like to jump to Princeton, but I live in Manhattan, and I don't want to live within a dorm. So how long would it take to travel to Princeton?

By motor it's 1.75 hrs. it's a nice ride
New Jersey transit has regular trains (on the Northeast Corridor route) that move about to Princeton. Typical travel time is 60 to 75 minutes from Penn Station depending upon whether the train is local or express.
See the Northeast Corridor diary for travel time.
According to New Jersey Transit schedules, it is depends 57 to 85 minutes depends on local, express, restricted, skip service.
If you're student, you should apply for Student Monthly which cost 275.00 and valid during school days just.
Take Northeast Corridor to Priceton Junction.
At Priceton Junction, transfer to single train vehicle called Dinky operate by New Jersey Transit.
It will take you to Priceton University's McCarter Theater.
Once you draw from there, Princeton University's P-Rides Campus Shuttle system consists of the Orange Line, Green Line, Blue Line (the most modern line within the P-Rides system), and P-Rides Express. P-Rides is free and available to everyone.
You could do it - my husband spends one day within Princeton a week (for work). It's do-able. But why would you want to?

First of all, dorm living is a pleasure of going to college. It's the best style to really feel a subdivision of the place, particularly contained by the first couple of years. After that, you'll be a part of the university, so it will matter smaller amount where you live.

Second of adjectives, Princeton is a fun place to live on campus. I think you'll find that out if you really DO jump to school within.

As to your question - it's in the order of 50 miles away. You can take a Suburban Transit bus from Port Authority right to Nassau Street (it stops right within front of the main proceeds at Princeton U.) You can also take the New Jersey Transit Train to Princeton Junction and after take the "Dingy" (aka the PJ&B - Princeton Junction and Back) which is a shuttle train that meet every train and shuttles them to Princeton in purely a few minutes.

It's not a hard trip, smaller quantity than 2 hours each agency. But still, you really would rather live on campus the first few years. I promise you!
As has be noted above, it's possible to take the train between Manhattan and Princeton, but it would be a epic and a fairly expensive trip, specifically when you also add within the time it would take you to return with to Penn Station and on the train. Add to that the irregularity of college schedules (you might hold one course at 9am and then the subsequent one not until 4pm), and it would be difficult.

It's something more reasonable for a graduate student than for an undergraduate to attempt.

Of course, it's worth remembering that Princeton is one of the toughest school to be admitted to. So, until that time you worry just about where you'll live, you first hold to get that communiqu¨¦ of acceptance (but biddable luck!)

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