Bus Route Help contained by Westchester, NY?

What bus route do i take to capture to Vernon Hills Shopping center in Scarsdale, NY (were lord & taylor is and talbots and american eagle) from New Rochelle, NY, thankx within advance.

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I know adjectives Bee-Line buses and NYC buses/
If you're near transit center, lug Bee-Line 66 westbounds to White Plains Post Rd for Bee-Line 40/41 southbound.
If you are near North Avenue, steal Beeline Route 45 northbound (Eastchester). At the last stop of the bus (Mill Road & Post Road - NY22), cart Beeline Route 40 or 41 northbound (White Plains) and that will get you to the Scarsdale shopping centers.

If hard by the west part of New Rochelle (Webster Avenue, New Rochelle Rd)...clutch the Beeline Route 30 bus westbound (Yonkers) and transfer to the Beeline Route 40 or 41 northbound on Pondfield Road (Bronxville) and Post Road (NY 22)

If heading along Lincoln Avenue, bear Beeline Route 7 (Westbound) past Pelham and into Mt. Vernon. At N. Columbus Avenue within Mt. Vernon, you can transfer for the Beeline Route 40 or 41 northbound.the bus will turn up from Lincoln Avenue contained by the opposite direction.

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