How far is radio city music meeting room from rockefeller center?

I'm going to see the Christmas Spectacular on Friday and plan to go see the tree and dance to lunch afterwards. It's within walking distance right?

p.s: any perfect ideas on where on earth to eat? not too expensive, prefer underneath $60-70 with tip

Rockefeller Center is just around the corner from Radio City Music Hall, in recent times walk south on Sixth Avenue, turn east right at hand on 50th St and walk over partially a block...there are restaurants right within in Rockefeller Center on the north side, right on 50th St.
Rockefeller University is not in Rockefeller Center, however Radio City Music Hall is contained by Rockefeller Center. After you exit the theater just stroll towards 5th Avenue half a block. Have fun.

Try Ruby Foos a block away contained by Times Square for dinner, or if you want traditional NY style food try the Times Square try Juniors - the Manhattan outpost of a famous Brooklyn Restaurant (Famous the world over for its cheesecake) . Don't drink at Olive Gardern, Red Lobster or Applebee's - how often do you call in NYC?
Rockefeller center go from 48-51st and spans 5th-7th ave. The tree is along the 5th avenue side.

Radio city music hall is slice of the same complex, technically. It's at 6th ave on 50th st, I believe.

Basically, they are incredibly close. Head over to fifth ave and you'll see the tree.

There are a ton of restaurants, depends on what kind of food you're looking for. Go up to 55th st. between fifth and sixth, I've gone to a pizza place nearby and a chinese restaurant and been remarkably satisfied at a likely price.
Maneuvers Distance Maps
1: Start out going NORTHEAST on 6TH AVE / AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS toward W 51ST ST. 0.4 miles Map

2: Turn RIGHT onto CENTRAL PARK S / W 59TH ST. Continue to follow W 59TH ST. 0.9 miles Map

3: Turn LEFT onto YORK AVE. 0.3 miles Map

4: End at Rockefeller University:
1230 York Ave, New York, NY 10065, US Map

Total Est. Time: 6 minutes Total Est. Distance: 1.79 miles
PS. for food be in motion to you can buy gift certificate for up to 70% off and can put contained by the zip code and turn upside down.

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