Can you buy wine within Houston, TX on Sundays?

I heard at hand was some sort of liquor tenet like that...i've looked on wikipedia, but it's extremely confusing. I moved here from California and never heard of this up to that time. Can someone explain the law surrounded by plain english, please.

Every county within Texas has different liquor law, but one of the statewide ones for wet counties (those that get rid of alcohol) is that you cannot buy liquor before twelve noon on a weekend.

Please don't use Wikipedia except as the broadest of references. Half of the stuff on nearby is made up or intentionally altered.
Of course.
Best bet are local grocery stores.
Houston have tons of grocery stores
that are opened 24/7 and mart liquor.
But..on Saturdays and Sunday liquor is
sold only after 12 lunchtime..
You need to show proof of age , too.
How's that?
TEXAS State Law allows you to buy wine or beer anytime after 12 twelve noon on Sundays. You CAN"T buy hard liquor on Sundays NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Liquor stores are closed, but you can buy it at grocery stores after noon on Sundays.
Liquor law surrounded by Harris County prohibit sales of alcohol on Sunday mornings as all right as late at dark, especially Saturday night.

As a result, heaps of the liquor stores close on Sunday to give their team a break.

If you want beer and wines, I concur with other answerers - be in motion to Grocery Stores. Central Market (two locations, near Galleria at Weslyan and Westheimer; Woodland Towncenter) have excellent collection of wines and beers. Others includes Krogers (especially Signature Krogers, the best wine collection at Kroger at I-10 near Memorial City), HEB (especially full-size HEB), Randalls (Signature Randall's), and Rice Epicurians.

Some of the wine bars are also accessible on Sunday. Tasting Room (three locations, Uptown - 610 and North PostOak, West Alabama near Kirby, and Bagby) and Cova (Kirby at Sunset) adjectives open on Sunday, and you can purchase wines in attendance to take out.

Hard liquor can be hard to find on Sunday. In Harris County, grocery stores can not flog hard liquor. So, you have to stock them up earlier Sunday. I have to travel to liquor stores on Saturday to get the Tequila and Whiskey for Sunday Football games/parties.

Also keep hold of in mind that some counties within Texas are dry - no alcohol sales allowed.

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