Are within bodies at the Pearl Harbor memorial?

My bf and I were arguing around the Pearl Harbor memorial. He says the bodies be entombed in the sub and are still nearby. I say they probably get them out by now. Who is right?

Yes, bodies are still there. Take a tour of the memorial if and when you dance and they will state that during your tour. It is very moving. They articulate that at the time of the bombing, soldiers who were trapped below be tapping on the metal of the ship to agree to those above know that they were still alive.drastically disturbing to hear.
He's right about men one entombed, but it isn't a sub, the Arizona was a battleship.
Yes there are still remains of soldiers here, its a grave as well as a monument. iremember seeing grease still come up in slow drips, from ships tank, even after all these years.
Yes there are bodies still trapped inside the ship below. The ship is resting on the bottom of the harbor immediately and slowly rusting letting out the oil and toxins from inside. Someday when the ship completes rusting the grease will come up and do significant damage to pearl harbor and during that verbs up I expect there to be some type of excavation to retrieve the bodies of our lost service men. Just my 2cents on the subject though.

Yes. They gone the bodies in the ship.

It's not a sub(marine). The USS Arizona be a Missouri class Battleship.

Slim Shady is correct, it is a Penn class battleship, and the USS Missouri is an Iowa class. I stand corrected. Thanks for the info.
There are abundant sailors remains entombed within the USS Arizona (which isn't a submarine). They tried to retrieve them various years ago but it was determined that it be unsafe to try to retrieve them and they will remain there for adjectives time.
The USS Arizona BB-39 is a Pennsylvania Class ship and in that is no such thing as a Missouri class ship. The USS Missouri BB-63 is a Iowa Class ship.
still there I imagine. . .
Your boyfriend is right. They didn't recuperate all the bodies, so it would serve as a memorial to them. Btw, there's no track they would recover the bodies today- the risk of first showing those fuel tanks next to oil within them is too great, though eventually the seawater will corode the metal so that the oil will burst out of the ship and at hand will be a major green dilemma.

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