Native American Reservations contained by Las Vegas, NV?

Are there or be there Native American reservations surrounded by Nevada particularly surrounded by Las Vegas or its surroundings?

Moapa Indian reservation just outside Las Vegas. Still near.
Moapa is in the region of 30 minutes north of Vegas and the Avi Reservation is just south of Laughlin and have the only Indian casino contained by Nevada.
The Las Vegas Paiute Tribe has both a colony in the city of Las Vegas and a reservation just outside of the city of Las Vegas. The colony, located sour of Main Street between Washington and Owens, is home to 21 families and is also the location of the tribal affairs of state offices, condition clinic, and smoke shop. The reservation is off of 95-North and is home to 12 family. The reservation is the site of the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort and a gas station/convenience store.

The Moapa Band of Paiutes has a reservation located more or less an hour north of Las Vegas, off of the I-15. The Moapa Reservation is home to approximately 350 empire. In addition to homes, nearby are tribal government buildings, a clinic, instruction center and a Boys and Girls Club. Moapa also runs a smoke shop/fireworks operation next to the freeway.

The Pahrump Paiutes (a non-federally famous group) live just over the hillock in Pahrump.

Edited to include: There is also the Lost City Museum in Overton (about an hour from Las Vegas, only just past the Moapa Paiute Reservation) that features information and artifacts on the Anasazi who once lived within the area.

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