How far is Houston from The Gulf of Mexico?

I'm thinking of planning a trip to Houston, just wondering how far from the sea it is, I love the beach!!

If you get on I45 and travel east, it will be about 45 minutes to Galveston. It's also a deeply historic city and you should find plenty there to pinnacle your interest!
About 46 miles from downtown to Galveston. This is based on the Intersection of I-45 and Highway 59. Since to be precise exit 46B on I-45, and you know that each exit on an Interstate uses mile marker, and you also know that I-45 ends at Galveston... well, that's it. Of course, Kemah is closer, and they also enjoy an amusement venue of sorts.
Houston is only forty five minutes away and its a straight shot
45 miles from Downtown Houston/ 25 miles from Clear Lake City
Depends on where on earth in Houston you are discussion about.

North Houston - 70 miles
Downtown - 60 miles
South Houston - 50
Clearlake nouns - 40 miles

Stay in Galvaston on the coast its much better.
An hour- Its not a beach- its "the shore"
45 minutes

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