Get a Tattoo at Walt Disney World.?

Is there any place to grasp a permanent tattoo at WDW? Maybe contained by Downtown Disney?

Orlando, Florida is the Disney town...and Orlando is a normal city..look surrounded by the phone book...
Go check out -7513 - I Drive Tattoo and ask for Lance. Lance have done alot of work for me.
I do overlook any tattoo shops in Downtown Disney. IT is geared for family and children---very G rated.
AT Walt Disney World? No, I don't believe so, nor at downtown disney. I'm sure if you got spinal column onto I-4 and headed down a couple of exits you could find a tattoo parlor, but I'm guessing you want to receive a tattoo there...

but a short time ago in armour:

Ancient Art Tattoo
5575 South Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32839
(407) 855-8288
Sure thats what Mickey wants to promote..a wholesome family unit activity of the line getting answer your will hold to visit 192 within Kissimmee to get your tattoo..
Sadly no, I would even consider getting one if I could gain it done at DW.
nope--they don't like tatoos~~~~
You can distinctly get them at Universal, I basically happened to see a sign up at Citywalk final week.
No, I don't believe that Disney World would have any tattoo shops, though, I'm sure in attendance are many contained by Orlando. Go around the city, look around. Though, I would suggest to just relish your time in Disney World and later maybe grasp a tattoo another time. (Just a suggestion though). Have a great time in Disney World!
nope. sorry. you will hold to shop orlando for that kind of bustle. Disney doesn't cater to tattoos or gambling. I am sure you wouldn't own to go far though.
Nope. Disney Cast Members aren't allowed to have any evident tattoos while working. So giving tattoos on property would kinda go against that nearest and dearest friendly look that Walt was going for.
There are no shops on Disney property that give permanent tattoos. However, within are plenty of tattoo shops on I-Drive and 192.

I have to support you, though, that getting a tattoo is permanent, and should not be done on a vagary, but you should make sure you'll be capable of live with your ink the rest of your duration.

Also having said that, I've be to tattoo parlors in the nouns since I moved to Florida from New York, and I refuse to receive inked in Orlando - I'll fly fund to NY to get inked OR pierced (after a horrible piercing opportunity done on I-Drive). If you have gotten a tat at home from a place you close to, or you know of a highly reputable tattoo shop where on earth you live (and you've seen and LOVED their work), keep on till you get home. Prices will not be cheaper down here - not by adequate to make me permit someone down here ink me!
no, you can get insincere tatoos, but not real ones. you may be capable of get them surrounded by universal studios, fundamental city walk
solitary temporary tattoos we hold some over at typhoon lagoon and also henna tattoos over at Epcot Morocco

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