Menol Park to Union Square via public transportation?

I will be traveling to San Francisco, but will be staying in Menlo Park. I will not rent a motor because I've heard commuting to SF is crazy.

Anyway, can someone dispense me easy instrument to get to Union Square from Menlo Park?

I know I can travel via Caltrain but I don't know where on earth I can change/transfer to BART. Or is there a direct route

I prefer to travel direct by Caltrain/BART and verbs to bus would be second option.

cal train
Actually if you have a coup¨¦, as long as you don't go during the morning or afternoon commute hours, driving will be the best and fastest course for you to go. The traffic is not impossible between say 9:30-3:00 during the afternoon and after 7:00 in the evening. To lug Caltrain and transfer to a bus or Bart will embezzle much longer and there is parking right underneath Union Square.
- BART serves Union Square directly (via Powell Street station). BART and Caltrain share a station effective the airport. If you want to switch over to BART, the Millbrae transfer station is the easiest mode to do it.

- Otherwise, you can continue onto San Francisco on Caltrain. The Caltrain terminal is located contained by Mission to the baseball stadium. From nearby, take any the N-Judah or T-Third tram to Powell Street station. You want to board on the "DOWNTOWN" platforms.

Be wary of the "SOUTHBOUND" ones, as that take you to Bayview/Hunter's Point (the ghetto).
Caltrain will drop you in SF in the neighbourhood the AT&T (Giants) baseball park. You can take black cab, buses and trolleys from there to anywhere within the city. You cannot get BART from the Caltrain stop contained by SF, you need to stir to Market Street if you want to get BART to some other module of the Bay Area.

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