Why do New Orleans police cars display the Islamic star and half-moon ?

DO you have a picture of that? as I own never seen that
N'awlins people don't deem so farfetched. To them it's a staw an' a moon, babe.
Q-mama has the correct answer. It is NOT an Islamic or other religious symbol. NOPD started using the star & crescent prize in the 1830s, and the shape of the prize today has be unchanged since 1868.
No that's not true, it have nothing to do near that. The Crescent and Star shaped badge of the NOPD have been contained by use since the late 1890's . The crescent represent the city surrounded by the waters of the Mississippi River, and the star represents the traditional symbol of tenet enforcement.
It's just a star! Just approaching the stars on the US flag!!
It is not an Islamic symbol. The 5 pointed star is terribly common for police shields. The shape over it is a crescent, as one of New Orleans' nickname is "The Crescent City." Realize that that shape when vertical represents a half moon as it does on some flags of Islamic nation. In this position it represents a crescent.

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