Directions from Springfield, MA to TD Banknorth Garden within Boston?

I want to go to WWE Raw contained by August and have never be there, what is the best opening to get here so I am not going to get lost? Starting contained by Springfield, MA

Thanks so much!

Merge onto I-91 N via the ramp on the LEFT. 0.6 miles

Merge onto I-291 E via EXIT 8. 5.2 miles

Merge onto I-90 E / MASS PIKE / MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE via EXIT 7 toward LUDLOW / BOSTON (Portions toll). 83.5 miles

Take EXIT 24 A-B-C on the LEFT toward I-93 NORTH / CONCORD NH / S. STATION / I-93 SOUTH / QUINCY. 0.1 miles

Take the 24C-B exit- EXIT 24C-B- on the LEFT. <0.1 miles

Merge onto I-93 N / US-1 N / MA-3 N / THOMAS P. TIP O'NEILL- JR. TUNNEL via EXIT 24B toward CONCORD NH. 0.9 miles

Take EXIT 23 toward GOV'T CTR. 0.3 miles

Exit 23/Gov't Center off the 93 N Tunnel.
After exiting, seize in the right lane.

At the top of the exit, at the first traffic wishy-washy, stay straight and follow the sign for North Station.

Merge into right lane. This is Cross Street.

Stay to the right and go through 2 sets of traffic lights. Make a right at the third traffic lighting.

At the fourth traffic light, fork departed onto Medford St. Take Medford Street to the end and turn moved out onto Causeway St.

The TD Banknorth Garden will be on your right.

It is a little confusing when you receive into Boston but once you get bad of 93 at exit 23, the above directions give you a step by step channel to get at hand. If all else fail, ask someone how to get to the TD Banknorth Garden or North Station (North Station is the train station directly underneath the stadium).

Or if you don't want to drive into the city (which isn't that bad considering you are from a city too), you can park at the nearest train station and bring the T or the Commuter Rail into North Station. Just check how late the trains run.

Good luck!
map quest!
I know 91 runs north and south contained by spfld, also there is the mass pike, which is 90 or 95...? its pretty confident
Actually, the best way to find there and not win lost or screwed in traffic is to pinch the subway from Riverside terminal, which goes right to the Garden (North Station):

Take the Mass Pike to Routes 128/95. Go solitary one exit south; follow "T" signs - the Terminal is only 1/4 mile.

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