How far is St Charles, MO from St Louis, MO?

Roughly 30 minutes depending on where surrounded by St. Charles you are starting from and where within St. Louis city you are headed. If you hit rush hour traffic this can glibly doulble.

Also, if you are headed to St. Louis from western portions of St. Charles avoid using I-64 (locally particular as Highway 40). As of January 2, major portions of this highway enjoy been shut down for construction and massive delay in this nouns are expected.
30 minutes depending on what time of time you go
23.72 miles
28 mins
The time of this drive will depend on traffic of course!!~~~~
Its approximately a partially hour drive out Highway 70 from downtown. You can also get in that from Highway 40/64 but with adjectives the closures, I would recommend using Highway 70.
25 to 30 minutes...

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